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Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Perhaps, some of you may have known me for so long as a comeback blogger, but some of you might just had discovered me thru comments, to be honest i am not someone who had a huge name nor influenced in blogging arena. Let me introduced myself. Let's start with my name, people called me Aynal. My friends called me nal, short, precise and simple. Actually, aynal was not my real name. Don't get me wrong. Just the spelling is 'I" instead of "Y"..and why did you ask? We'll get to that later. 

I was born in Selangor so, I wont get that excited 14 number in my IC but I’m proud of being who I am now. I was born as a cancer baby and being the only woman in my sibling. No I’m not the type of “Im-the-last-in-the-family-so-I-can get-what-i-want”. My mom raises me as an independent woman.

I’m married and working as creative in production world. Nothing to claim that my job is harder than the others because for me any job in this world are not easy. I learned that every job has it own challenges. I learn new thing EVERY DAY. I don’t have golden mind during my student year. I’m chirpy in person, I talk a lot and friendly despite when you first met me I do not look friendly at all. HAHA I love creative thinking, and of course I have passion in writing, I love fashion but I have my own “fashion” way to introduce my self. I love make up and loving to share everything that I like to connect with everyone around me.

2015, the comeback year for me to blog. After few years past by, The urge of writing slash typing burst and force me to make a new blog despite how hard it is! I used to know how to play with HTML code and stuff but now... RUST. I feel old.

Looking back on the past few years, i used to have blog to let out my emotion and thought for something i don't like. EMO if we can say. Then after i start my journey to become someone i want to be, i decided to delete all my post and let go the past. It's to embarrassing to even think about it. But that is the best part...laughing back on the mistakes that you have done and do it again.. JOKE. And don't do it again.

Here is the best place for me to share, expressing my journey andgive some reviews. OR maybe some lovely DIY for you to try. But not too much on my personal life. I hope this blog will able to inspire each of you readers and keep this reading gem as one of your guidebook to know more about new things.

Till Then.

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