Saturday, October 7, 2017

Youtube Shout Out! INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY & Huda Beauty Dupe Palette?

Hey Hi Hello Guys, 

How are you guys seriously? I know, i rarely upload or update my blog definitely. I don't want to say that it is because i'm busy, busy actually i do concentrate on uploading more video on youtube instead, which i know it is not fair. 

Quick update, Amir already 7 months Old guys! kejappppppp je my little son grows up. OMG please don't grow up fast, tak puas lagi nak gomol HAHAH

Anyways. This entry meant to my youtube Shout out! i do upload new videos on my channel every week. Which i also do ay first Impression on So-called HUDA BEAUTY Dupe Palette? AND i do an International Giveaway on my youtube channel guys to celebrate my 350 subscribers. Well, i know it is a small number yet, i just can't believe that i went this far. haha Whatever it is, don't judge Hihih. 

If you want to see my video, Feel free to click below.

Don't forget to also join the giveaway okay guys :) xx Love ya. 

Thank for reading, 
Till Then. 

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