Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quick Life Update 2017 and What's coming up Next? :)

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

While writing this, I’m actually staring at my vanity and complaining how it turned out to be a big mess sigh. How are your fasting day so far? Missing to blog very much so far. If you follow my youtube channel. I did try to actually get my feet back on making video my youtube channel. Feel free to watch on my quick updates and recent vlog 


and here :) 

Anyway, i'm looking forward to upload 2 videos every week. And try to keep it that way. Hopefully one day i'm able to commit to upload everyday. I'm not promising anything, yet this is what i look forward to! :) 

Honestly i just film 2 more videos and look forward to upload it. Actually i'm about to edit the swap video that i have with syaza, one of the blogger here unfortunately where is it!!! i'm so upset when some of the things i saved in the hardisk is missing, seems like someone deleting some of my stuff just to fit it theirs. No worry i will keep looking at it and edit it. i owe her the videos like a year because of what going on with me did not allow me to do so. 

Hoping that i'm really back on track and hope that my readers are still with me here. :) 

Stay tune for more. 
Till Then thanks for reading!

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