Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's 2017, and where have i been?

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

HAHA Gladly say i'm still here Alhamdulillah. I know. It's been quite a while kan which i think my last post were in July 2016. Lama tu. Everything has change for the last few months. Changing career, being 7 months pregnant, moving in and out is the least reason i can say why i'm not able to keep this blog updated. Banyak yang tergendala.

But i would like to take this chance to say Welcome 2017 and wondering how are you guys doing do far? I missed blogging so much seriously. I was thinking, usually i try not to missed any monthly blogpost since it's a cliche ritual yet i did. At least i would want to post this just to know that you guys are still here. 

If you were to ask what is my new year resolution, i can bet you pretty much, i did not set anything yet for this year. I will maybe soon but not for now. Please, do share what is your new year resolution with me and who knows i do get inspired to do the same. 

pardon my short update and hoping i did get my time to keep this blog update. :) Thank for being here. 

Thanks for reading. Till Then. 
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