Saturday, July 2, 2016

It’s July Baby!

Hey Hi Hello Guys! How are you gais duin?

Haha, another excuses to update a new entry. And this going to be my favourite month cause imam July baby! Also I will be starting with a new phase in my life, which I will keep you guy’s update.  Howwas your Ramadhan? Hoping that everything went well. Bit sad when we have to say goodbye to this Holy Month. I wish Ramadhan could stay forever.

I just got back from doing some shopping to celebrate Eid. Went shopping for my mom and dad. For their baju Raya and of course with my beloved husband. Kesian dia letih like now he was sleeping real in peace. Tak sedar langsung.

Well, so far I can say I do have things to upload but I keep holding back and postpone it, which is bad! I need to do some unboxing videos as well but OMG I felt so weak when it comes to this. Tapi bila mood dah datang lain macam.

This is the first year of me celebrating raya with new family and also as a wife. I’m super excited and felt so blessed. In sha Allah who knows with little one. Amin. I bet everyone also pretty excited going back to their hometown. Drive safe guys!

Pardon this short entry but I was hoping that everyone have a blast Ramadhan and prepared to celebrate another great month soon! Take care and again, drive safe!

SpoilerALERT : Wait for my Hari Raya Giveaway!! 

Till Then.

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  1. Eid al-Fitr Aynal! Hope you had a blast!


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