Sunday, July 3, 2016

Come On Board : A TV Show looking for you!!

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

I’ve got an exciting new to share with all of you! House Hunter is coming on for second series! Looking for a buyer who just bought a house here in Malaysia to be on board and feature in a TV Series. The first series was great and would love if anyone interested want to come on board and be apart of the series.

Home hunters and their real estate agents check out all sorts of homes of Varying styles and work through the idiosyncrasies of buying real estate in Malaysia. It's an emotional experience for different types of family structures. In the Series we witness different types of couples with varying needs, from the Couple expecting a newly born to a family that has lots of pets. Each family has specific lifestyles, interests, hobbies & jobs. This series cuts across a spectrum of couples & families with varying lifestyles as they go about on the hunt for their perfect dream home. Articulating their feelings and opinions about homes & interior design based on their needs, viewers get an understanding of thought processes involved in the purchase of a home. Each episode is a nail biting, suspense filled, and decision-making process in order to acquire the home of their dreams. Watch House Hunters Asia and get involved in the biggest decision of their lives.

Feel Free to Watch The full Episode on HGTV Website to know more! And don’t forget to catch the First season Highlights as well!

For more information Log On to HGTV Website :

To know more, Please drop an email at aynal[dot]mansor[at]endemolshine[dot]com

Don't forget to show some love! 
Looking forward to hear from you :) 

Till Then. 

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  1. never knew malaysian have a decent house renovations show. i'm checking it out!


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