Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LAZADA Unboxing Series 1: 10pcs Professional Make up Brushes!

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Selamat Hari Raya ! Howwas your Raya btw? Mine was great so far and surprise ..surprise I’m still on my annual leave. HAHA tak nak kalah kan cuti.

I was wondering if you guys would love to see a new Raya Series that I would like to share with you from LAZADA. And for this series item is something that I believe raved for quite awhile and I think most girl who love make up has. I’m not sure what is the real brand of this and who created this amazing brush, yet this brushes are the BALM!

You can see it look like a professional high quality brush set, which includes all the basics you need for daily application. It made from a soft synthetic hair, which provides superb ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for the skin without irritation. To know further details the fiber Length is approx. 1.2cm to 4cm and the total brush length are approximately 16.5cm to 17.5cm.  The retail price areat RM36.85 and you will get 14 days LAZADA warranty. This brush came a long with 15 colors concealer Palette that’s has the most commonly applied shades.  

The packages they send to e are definitely neat and full with protection. It was bubbled wrap. Honestly I was jump up and down when received the package just like kid get her candy. I don’t know what was with the brush but I just can’t believe that at last I get my hand on these brushes. Just saying that I received the package safely and everything are in a good condition. For the timeline, I supposed to receive it around 3 days but I received just the day after. It was impressive how fast their service is. But does their product do great things too?

It will be revealed in another entry!
For more details Visit their website www.lazada.com.my

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vaseline - Healthy Skin is Always In!

Hey Hi hello Guys!

Seriously, i'm still in my Raya mood and how about you guys? Still in Holiday mood? Make sure that you had your day with a healthy skin and keep it moisturise! with the unexpected weather now, our skin usually dry, and unhealthy. 

Let show off your skin in style with VASELINE. And now you able to stand a chance to win prize worth up to RM5,000 and shop with your favourite Vaseline Fashionista. What you have to do is submit your most creative and stylish GIF, show them your healthy skin styles and stand to win prizes worth up to RM5,000 and more.. shop with your favourite fashionista! 

So lets get inspired with their beautiful skin! Let me show you the step..

So guys, healthy and great skin is all you need to pull off your favourite styles. Show them your creativity in your own GIF and stand a chance to win a shopping spree with your favourite Vaseline Fashionista. The Vaseline Intensive Care Range is infused with Micro-droplets of vaseline Jelly to keep your skin moisturised. 

For more info ; Visit www.vaseline.com.my and don't forget to #getinspired :)

Thanks for reading! Till Then. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Come On Board : A TV Show looking for you!!

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

I’ve got an exciting new to share with all of you! House Hunter is coming on for second series! Looking for a buyer who just bought a house here in Malaysia to be on board and feature in a TV Series. The first series was great and would love if anyone interested want to come on board and be apart of the series.

Home hunters and their real estate agents check out all sorts of homes of Varying styles and work through the idiosyncrasies of buying real estate in Malaysia. It's an emotional experience for different types of family structures. In the Series we witness different types of couples with varying needs, from the Couple expecting a newly born to a family that has lots of pets. Each family has specific lifestyles, interests, hobbies & jobs. This series cuts across a spectrum of couples & families with varying lifestyles as they go about on the hunt for their perfect dream home. Articulating their feelings and opinions about homes & interior design based on their needs, viewers get an understanding of thought processes involved in the purchase of a home. Each episode is a nail biting, suspense filled, and decision-making process in order to acquire the home of their dreams. Watch House Hunters Asia and get involved in the biggest decision of their lives.

Feel Free to Watch The full Episode on HGTV Website to know more! And don’t forget to catch the First season Highlights as well!

For more information Log On to HGTV Website : www.hgtv.asia

To know more, Please drop an email at aynal[dot]mansor[at]endemolshine[dot]com

Don't forget to show some love! 
Looking forward to hear from you :) 

Till Then. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

It’s July Baby!

Hey Hi Hello Guys! How are you gais duin?

Haha, another excuses to update a new entry. And this going to be my favourite month cause imam July baby! Also I will be starting with a new phase in my life, which I will keep you guy’s update.  Howwas your Ramadhan? Hoping that everything went well. Bit sad when we have to say goodbye to this Holy Month. I wish Ramadhan could stay forever.

I just got back from doing some shopping to celebrate Eid. Went shopping for my mom and dad. For their baju Raya and of course with my beloved husband. Kesian dia letih like now he was sleeping real in peace. Tak sedar langsung.

Well, so far I can say I do have things to upload but I keep holding back and postpone it, which is bad! I need to do some unboxing videos as well but OMG I felt so weak when it comes to this. Tapi bila mood dah datang lain macam.

This is the first year of me celebrating raya with new family and also as a wife. I’m super excited and felt so blessed. In sha Allah who knows with little one. Amin. I bet everyone also pretty excited going back to their hometown. Drive safe guys!

Pardon this short entry but I was hoping that everyone have a blast Ramadhan and prepared to celebrate another great month soon! Take care and again, drive safe!

SpoilerALERT : Wait for my Hari Raya Giveaway!! 

Till Then.
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