Friday, June 3, 2016

Your Tips of Shoes Online

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

How are you guys doinggggg?? its been awhile and i missed you guys! buy hey hey, today i have some tips to share with yah...!

So, we knew most women are just crazy about shoes and don’t be surprised if woman shoes are just everywhere! Either in the car, at the office and obviously “millions” in their house. HAHA “Overexaggerate! Sorry.” – Well, Woman and shoes are just one piece! Sometimes we wear it for few times, or bought it just because we have that one dinner which “require” us to get the specific type and obviously wore for only on that particular event. And Now, there are so much more easy way for us, woman, to instantly get our hand onto those “amazanggg” shoes! I admit it save time but not money tho HAHA. So here, I would like to share with you the tips for you to buy those “amazanggg” shoes online!

First thing first! You need to know that buying shoes online are easy yet you need to remember that you can’t really touch, see (or smell) those new-cheap-and-pretty, brand shoe.  In that case, you really need to know well what is your sizes and make sure it is the right sizes. The easy way to figure your sizes is just measure with tape and compare it with the size chart which usually provided by the online store.

Second! Make sure that you knew the right design, type and material of shoes that you plan to buy and think wisely guys! Why? This help us to not change what we think we do like, Otherwise if its not something you prefered, you need to send it back  and follow those process which are quite annoying sometimes! betul-betul pastikan jenis kasut apa yang you guys want dan fikir dua tiga kali. Don’t get yourself involve with ridicolous trouble.

Finally, make sure that you had the complete information about those shoes online and it is best if you able to get the reviews before you make any transaction. Read, and understand those information from how to wash it, till the type of material and etc.!

So that is a little bit tips for you and i really hope that would be useful for you!
See you on my next post! 

Thanks for reading! Till Then. 


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