Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Salam Ramadhan Friends!


Hey Hi Hello Guys!
How are you guys doing!

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It’s a blessing month indeed. It’s been awhile with moving out office, new life and everything. But I’m blessed and feel protected. Alhamdulillah. To be honest, there’s always up and down in any circumstances.  Whether it is in your life, financially, politically, family or lifestyle everything has its own challenges. Sometimes, I felt I should just give up. Or maybe some decision-making is not quite what I expect it to be. Then I woke up just to realize that I went this far and why should I give up?

I know this post might to heavy for some of my reader who has no idea what going on in my life. However, I would want to say that many of us faced challenges in our formative years and we struggled with them. Some of those struggles might have changed who we are or how we later approached life.

Now it’s Ramadhan and again I feel blessed because I still get a chance to cherish this beautiful month, gain the goods and be the best of me. and who knows that this is the month of me to celebrate my Aidilfitri with beloved husband in Sha Allah. I feel so blessed.

So guys, perhaps the person you and I am today is a compensation for who we was years ago. That awkward 18 years old, however, is no more. Now I want to show the world what I can do. Whatever I do now are my passions and it will be my future.

I would like to wish you happy fasting and have a nice day ahead my dear darlings! Talk to you guys soon!

Thank for reading! 
Till Then. 


  1. we are who we are and will be. Today you is made by the past you, embraced the past and always look foward to the future with hope~ Salam Ramadhan and happy fasting.

    1. indeed! Salam Ramadhan Mr Pink! haha thanks for reading! xx

  2. Selamat berpuasa!!!

    1. OMG thanks Hari, i went to penang last weekend. and eat like crayy crayyy! HAHA have a great day ahead hari :) xx


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