Monday, June 27, 2016

Surat Perpisahan - "Farewell Letter"

Aku akan pulang...

Sudah 20 hari aku bertamu namun seringkali aku ditinggal sendirian. Walau sering dikatakan istimewa namun ramai perlakuan yg tak luar biasa. Ole-ole ku nyaris tak di sentuh... Al Quran hanya dibaca sekilas, kalah dengan update status smartphone dan tontonan. Solat tak lebih khusyuk, kalah bersaing dengan ingatan akan lebaran. Tak banyak yang minta ampunan, karena sibuk menumpuk harta demi bonus dan belanja raya. Malam dan siang tak banyak dipakai berbuat kebajikan, kalah dengan bisnes yang sedang untung di saat Ramadhan. Tak juga banyak bersedekah, karena khuatir tak cukup buat lebaran dan cuti nanti.


Aku seperti tetamu yang tak diharapkan. Hingga, sepertinya aku tak kan menyesal kamu kan ku tinggalkan. Padahal aku datang dengan kemuliaan, seharusnya tak pulang dengan kesiaan. Percayalah, Aku pulang belum tentu akan kembali datang... Sehingga seharusnya kamu menyesal krn telah melantarkanku. Masih ada 10 hari kita bersama, Semoga kau sedar sebelum aku benar-benar pulang...

"Kerana TIDAK ADA JAMINAN umurmu akan bertemu lagi, di Ramadhan yg akan datang"

Yang benar,

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hey Ho Foundation Routine !?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

Salam Ramadhan..
So So So.. i was think what should i update. and i'm currently typing and drafting some post to update but thinking that i need something instant! so why not i share with you guys my foundation routine? I did upload this on Youtube if you want to watch but i would like to leave more details on what product that i use in my foundation routine. let get started!

#1 STEP - Primer all over my face, and i'm using the Sephora Smoothing Primer. like seriously this is the perfect complexion primer that i ever use. At first i did not know the essential step to flawless, long-wearing make-up is to wear primer and good ones.  I find the perfect one for me and its matte finish prolongs make-up wear. I'm still searching for a cheaper solution cause to be honest RM60 per month are just too much for me because i use this everyday. despite it is actually really good :)

#2nd STEP - Moisture with SAFI Aloe Vera Cream. I've been using this since i'm 17 years old. and now I'm 25. Its wayy too long for me cause im still using it now. till it change the packaging. so far it is the best face cream i had wear so far. I believe that it restores skin's natural moisture, promotes even toned skin, It protects skin with nutrients and antibacterial properties. so my skin becomes healthier, softer & radiant. just love this!!!

#3rd STEP - So i've been using two type of foundation and for the video, i use the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation in the shade of 123. I like how compatible my face are with this foundation. With the light-diffusing effect, ULTRA HD foundation looks natural, makes my skin look flawless and feel moisturized. 

#4th STEP - Conceal. This step are actually optional, but for me i like to use it after my foundation instead of before my foundation. So the concealer that i use for now are the ZA Concealer in the shade of num 3

#5th STEP - and the last step are baking my face with the REVLON new complexion loose powder. This is like my all time favourite. Please do read my review on this in another post  -- That is the one thing i like with this products. in any way, it actually suits and sit well on my skin. i have a dry skin , i was born with dry skin, i does make a it look a little bit oily but to be honest that makes my skin look glowing and healthy. i did read some reviews before getting it. i was really stubborn and obsessed on trying new products. to see if its suits with my skin. I don't really buy with words and reviews, its a bonus if the reviews are all great but when it comes to bad review. Drawn to get it asap! I get mine in the Translucent No.2.

I make a video on my channel on how i do my foundation routine for you. 

So far that is all of my post and i hope this does help you to recreate your own and thank for having me as your so-called beauty Guru ihihi. Thanks for reading and watching this.

Till Then.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Salam Ramadhan Friends!


Hey Hi Hello Guys!
How are you guys doing!

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It’s a blessing month indeed. It’s been awhile with moving out office, new life and everything. But I’m blessed and feel protected. Alhamdulillah. To be honest, there’s always up and down in any circumstances.  Whether it is in your life, financially, politically, family or lifestyle everything has its own challenges. Sometimes, I felt I should just give up. Or maybe some decision-making is not quite what I expect it to be. Then I woke up just to realize that I went this far and why should I give up?

I know this post might to heavy for some of my reader who has no idea what going on in my life. However, I would want to say that many of us faced challenges in our formative years and we struggled with them. Some of those struggles might have changed who we are or how we later approached life.

Now it’s Ramadhan and again I feel blessed because I still get a chance to cherish this beautiful month, gain the goods and be the best of me. and who knows that this is the month of me to celebrate my Aidilfitri with beloved husband in Sha Allah. I feel so blessed.

So guys, perhaps the person you and I am today is a compensation for who we was years ago. That awkward 18 years old, however, is no more. Now I want to show the world what I can do. Whatever I do now are my passions and it will be my future.

I would like to wish you happy fasting and have a nice day ahead my dear darlings! Talk to you guys soon!

Thank for reading! 
Till Then. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Your Tips of Shoes Online

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

How are you guys doinggggg?? its been awhile and i missed you guys! buy hey hey, today i have some tips to share with yah...!

So, we knew most women are just crazy about shoes and don’t be surprised if woman shoes are just everywhere! Either in the car, at the office and obviously “millions” in their house. HAHA “Overexaggerate! Sorry.” – Well, Woman and shoes are just one piece! Sometimes we wear it for few times, or bought it just because we have that one dinner which “require” us to get the specific type and obviously wore for only on that particular event. And Now, there are so much more easy way for us, woman, to instantly get our hand onto those “amazanggg” shoes! I admit it save time but not money tho HAHA. So here, I would like to share with you the tips for you to buy those “amazanggg” shoes online!

First thing first! You need to know that buying shoes online are easy yet you need to remember that you can’t really touch, see (or smell) those new-cheap-and-pretty, brand shoe.  In that case, you really need to know well what is your sizes and make sure it is the right sizes. The easy way to figure your sizes is just measure with tape and compare it with the size chart which usually provided by the online store.

Second! Make sure that you knew the right design, type and material of shoes that you plan to buy and think wisely guys! Why? This help us to not change what we think we do like, Otherwise if its not something you prefered, you need to send it back  and follow those process which are quite annoying sometimes! betul-betul pastikan jenis kasut apa yang you guys want dan fikir dua tiga kali. Don’t get yourself involve with ridicolous trouble.

Finally, make sure that you had the complete information about those shoes online and it is best if you able to get the reviews before you make any transaction. Read, and understand those information from how to wash it, till the type of material and etc.!

So that is a little bit tips for you and i really hope that would be useful for you!
See you on my next post! 

Thanks for reading! Till Then. 
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