Monday, May 16, 2016

WOW! I'm now on Carousell?

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Have you ever heard of Carousell?
It’s the best selling and buying Pre-order items or new items that I get my hands onto. Simple and easy! Seriously. Senang kalau you nak upload things yang you rasa perlu untuk let go. Mana tau kan, tiba ada datang mood nak jual barang. You can instantly upload it! Amazingly Quick!

Well, I know that it still had lots of upgrade needed buy so far I rasa okay je. Why to make things to complicated, nanti too much gear pun susah orang nak faham jugak kan.

If you wondering! I’m on Carousell :)

Tengah-tengah rasa nak cluttered my old stuff that is still in a good condition. Asyik sayang nak buang, jual la kan? At least I could get some of my money back and other people could enjoy it. :) So guys. Feel free to get into my shop and look for anything that you might be interested. I’m still ongoing to upload more items!

If you have Carousell account, Please leave your link on comment below! i would love to follow you and Shopping hihi :)

Thanks for reading!
Till Then.


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