Thursday, May 12, 2016

STORYTIME: The Damage on My Wedding Portrait?

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

It's been 2 months since the wedding day. I feel so blessed to have a caring husband and family that always support. The title might be bit harsh but believe me it is not that bad, as it seems.

So what is the ‘damage’ that I’m talking about? it's My Portrait with Mr Husband. So we went to Wangsa walk for Star Wars if I’m not mistaken which take quite few months back. -- I did promise you guys this story so since it is busy week for me, thinking I should just share it now.

So, Let get into the story. We actually meant to just go watch a movie, Star Wars – The Forceeeeeee Awaken! Encek Husband, which is my fiancĂ© during the time, pops up a great idea to do a caricature just because there’s a caricature artist doing some kind promotion at the mall hall. Which is okay la not so bad.

Then we start our motion as so called “celebrity” need to be still la, smile la, “look at me miss” la HAHA, first time weh. And you know when you seen something inverted it look nice, TUNG TANG TUNG TANG..

Finish, then here Is the reveal! *Lights*

I don’t know that would you guys think. But seriously, it doesn’t look like us at all. HAHA muka mr husband like P. Ramlee like that, and my face..i don’t know. So weird….

HAHA I know it didn’t turn out the guy damaging my wedding Profiles or anything. **Being dramatic isn’t? ** So what you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

Till Then!

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  1. muka macam doktor fazley pun ada sikit :D
    kartunis.. biasalaa, diaorg ubah sikit.. bagi nampak macam kartun. lawaa ni sis :)


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