Sunday, May 15, 2016

REVIEW : Bedak Sejuk Harum Kasturi.

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Who loves to wear bedak sejuk? Raise your hand!
I love wearing bedak sejuk like seriously. It’s wayyy better than any mask in the world. No chemical and it’s natural. Honestly the practice of wearing the bedak sejuk almost forgotten and we can definitely count how many people are still practicing bedak sejuk.

If any of you still wondering what is ‘bedak sejuk’. It’s made by rice water that had been soaked for 3 days 3 nights or more than that if required, been dried and kneaded to be small beads. That is the traditional bedak sejuk. It can be form into any kind of shape depending on the products. Watery, dried or dry cream.

I have been using one type of bedak sejuk for years and its still becoming one of my favs till now. Can I say that is the secret of my skin complexion? HAHA joking.

My thoughts on this product are positive seriously. By the time you apply it on your skin. It will have some kind of tingling cooling effect that gives you the refreshments feeling. Tapi seriously I lie you not memang best pakai bedak sejuk ni. Rasa berangin dia lain macam and if you have any new pimples directly it will dry out the next day if you wear it on the night before. 

What else is the benefit of these “Bedak Sejuk” other than treating acne and cool the skin surface? It also brighten skin, it soften and smooth the skin. Suits to relieve heat and diaper rash. Treat itching caused by sinusitis or butterfly.

The only thing is I admit at first when I use it the texture if too light and watery and makes it bit hard for you too apply. It takes bit patient to distribute all over your face without dripping it onto your clothes but hey, practices makes perfect. That is not a big problem for me. On first apply it didn’t show much on your skin until it dries. Where the texture of bedak sejuk appear. This is my honest opinion on the product instead of telling the entire good thing without being honest what is the cons right? It just not fair.

So if you are Interested, where can you get it?
Feel free to email me at aynalnalmansor[at]gmail[dot]com
The Original Retail price is at RM20 for one bottle and now it’s on promotion for RM20 RM15/per bottle till end of this month, 31st of May 2016.

The price is not including postage.
COD are only available in Wangsa Maju Area.

Don’t wait up till the promotion end!

Thanks for reading!
Till Then.


  1. HAHA ni, I dah unbox, dh cuber. what I did was putting it all over my face and then that tingling feel.. all over my faceeeee hahahahahaha xdapat nak tdo coz tgu pedas tu jalannn :x

    1. OMG i hope you like the item that i send to you :( few more left. will send that soon. HAHA.

  2. hahaha like butttonnnnn :p aite no problemmm


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