Monday, May 16, 2016

WOW! I'm now on Carousell?

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Have you ever heard of Carousell?
It’s the best selling and buying Pre-order items or new items that I get my hands onto. Simple and easy! Seriously. Senang kalau you nak upload things yang you rasa perlu untuk let go. Mana tau kan, tiba ada datang mood nak jual barang. You can instantly upload it! Amazingly Quick!

Well, I know that it still had lots of upgrade needed buy so far I rasa okay je. Why to make things to complicated, nanti too much gear pun susah orang nak faham jugak kan.

If you wondering! I’m on Carousell :)

Tengah-tengah rasa nak cluttered my old stuff that is still in a good condition. Asyik sayang nak buang, jual la kan? At least I could get some of my money back and other people could enjoy it. :) So guys. Feel free to get into my shop and look for anything that you might be interested. I’m still ongoing to upload more items!

If you have Carousell account, Please leave your link on comment below! i would love to follow you and Shopping hihi :)

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

REVIEW : Bedak Sejuk Harum Kasturi.

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Who loves to wear bedak sejuk? Raise your hand!
I love wearing bedak sejuk like seriously. It’s wayyy better than any mask in the world. No chemical and it’s natural. Honestly the practice of wearing the bedak sejuk almost forgotten and we can definitely count how many people are still practicing bedak sejuk.

If any of you still wondering what is ‘bedak sejuk’. It’s made by rice water that had been soaked for 3 days 3 nights or more than that if required, been dried and kneaded to be small beads. That is the traditional bedak sejuk. It can be form into any kind of shape depending on the products. Watery, dried or dry cream.

I have been using one type of bedak sejuk for years and its still becoming one of my favs till now. Can I say that is the secret of my skin complexion? HAHA joking.

My thoughts on this product are positive seriously. By the time you apply it on your skin. It will have some kind of tingling cooling effect that gives you the refreshments feeling. Tapi seriously I lie you not memang best pakai bedak sejuk ni. Rasa berangin dia lain macam and if you have any new pimples directly it will dry out the next day if you wear it on the night before. 

What else is the benefit of these “Bedak Sejuk” other than treating acne and cool the skin surface? It also brighten skin, it soften and smooth the skin. Suits to relieve heat and diaper rash. Treat itching caused by sinusitis or butterfly.

The only thing is I admit at first when I use it the texture if too light and watery and makes it bit hard for you too apply. It takes bit patient to distribute all over your face without dripping it onto your clothes but hey, practices makes perfect. That is not a big problem for me. On first apply it didn’t show much on your skin until it dries. Where the texture of bedak sejuk appear. This is my honest opinion on the product instead of telling the entire good thing without being honest what is the cons right? It just not fair.

So if you are Interested, where can you get it?
Feel free to email me at aynalnalmansor[at]gmail[dot]com
The Original Retail price is at RM20 for one bottle and now it’s on promotion for RM20 RM15/per bottle till end of this month, 31st of May 2016.

The price is not including postage.
COD are only available in Wangsa Maju Area.

Don’t wait up till the promotion end!

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Journey of "Cleopatra"?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

I know the title has "just a little bit" to do with the entry that i'm about to share with you guys. but it is enough to catch your eyes. 

REMEMBER Aging starts at 25. I keep hear my friend preaching about you need to start taking care of you skin and your body really starts going downhill. So yeas, I’m looking at the anti-aging products. But what does it has to do with SPF50 and stuffs. Of Chozz got relate with each other!

Wearing Sunscreen prevents premature aging. Do you love to have a younger looking, radiant, and healthy skin? Who doesn’t right? So, this is one of the most convincing reasons to start using sunscreen. It actually shields your skin from developing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Remember! Aging starts at 25 but it is still not to late really. Studies reveal that people below the age of 55 who used sunscreen had 24% lesser chances of developing these aging signs than non-sunscreen and occasional sunscreen users.

What about skin cancer? Wearing sunscreen can actually lowers skin cancer risks. While I started using sunscreen mainly for beauty reasons, this health benefit came as an advantage. Wear your sunscreen daily and over the days and months to shield your skin from the risk of various types of skin cancer, especially, melanoma. This is the worst type of skin cancers, which can be life threatening for women, particularly those who are in their 20s.

So the thing is now. I need your help to suggest me which is the best sunscreen and anti aging product that are safe for me to try?

Feel free to leave comment below and I really appreciate your time and help! :)

Friday, May 13, 2016

REVIEW : Sephora Konjac Sponge!

This is perfect! I was looking for this particular sponge since forever. The first time I saw it is when I was watching one of the skincare routines from one of the youtuber.

Manage to find the perfect one from Sephora. I bought two of these. One is in bare natural (white) and the other one I believe are activated charcoal (black).

This sponge gently exfoliates away dead skin cells while reducing blemish-causing bacteria. This helps to correct and prevent excessive breakouts. It helps to restore clear skin and prevent future outbreaks for smoother, clearer, brighter-looking skin. It is perfect for natural and sensitive skin.

It is made from 100% natural food. Grade konjac fibers that will provide a deep cleanse and will leave your skin with refresh and glowing skin naturally.

The activated charcoals are perfect for oily and skin prone spots, acne and blemishes. The bamboo charcoal infused konjac sponge absorbs excess oil, toxins and other harmful substance from you skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin. Activated charcoal who acts as an antibacterial and anti microbial agent to thoroughly cleans your skin.

How the way I use is I gently massage face and body in circular motion. Either with Soap or cleanser can be added to the sponge if desired is but not necessary. When finished, rinse the sponge, squeeze out water, hang to dry, and store in a cool, dry place. And make sure that you really rinse the sponge out to maintain the quality. The sponge should be replaced once it starts to break down within one to three months, or if it is damaged. It can be composted.

These sponges are formulated without any Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates.

My thoughts: I love the idea when you wash sponge thoroughly by plunging it into water and squeezing several times. Whenever I use it on my face, it feels like nothing. Like I do nothing to my face. But right after done, I feel slight different and I hate to say that I like it. My skin feels soft and I think it will be a great exfoliator when you keep using it. ANDDDDD If the sponge has dried out, allow it to fully absorb water and soften before applying to skin, because it would be hard as a rock. We don’t really exfoliate our face with a rock right?

Retail Price at RM36, and For more info please visit: or Sephora Konjac Sponge  

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

STORYTIME: The Damage on My Wedding Portrait?

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

It's been 2 months since the wedding day. I feel so blessed to have a caring husband and family that always support. The title might be bit harsh but believe me it is not that bad, as it seems.

So what is the ‘damage’ that I’m talking about? it's My Portrait with Mr Husband. So we went to Wangsa walk for Star Wars if I’m not mistaken which take quite few months back. -- I did promise you guys this story so since it is busy week for me, thinking I should just share it now.

So, Let get into the story. We actually meant to just go watch a movie, Star Wars – The Forceeeeeee Awaken! Encek Husband, which is my fiancĂ© during the time, pops up a great idea to do a caricature just because there’s a caricature artist doing some kind promotion at the mall hall. Which is okay la not so bad.

Then we start our motion as so called “celebrity” need to be still la, smile la, “look at me miss” la HAHA, first time weh. And you know when you seen something inverted it look nice, TUNG TANG TUNG TANG..

Finish, then here Is the reveal! *Lights*

I don’t know that would you guys think. But seriously, it doesn’t look like us at all. HAHA muka mr husband like P. Ramlee like that, and my face..i don’t know. So weird….

HAHA I know it didn’t turn out the guy damaging my wedding Profiles or anything. **Being dramatic isn’t? ** So what you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

Till Then!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


California teenager Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman) commits suicide when she's called "a slut" and a "waste of life" after one of her classmates posts an embarrassing video of her online to shame her. Her suicide is also captured on video and posted online.

A year later, an anonymous person uses Laura's Skype account to contact six of her friends to demand that whichever one of them posted the shaming video online come forward and admit it. When no one confesses, the anonymous person types "Tell me who posted the video...or someone dies." When they all claim to be innocent, frightening things begin to occur.


My Quick Thoughts: I love when Unfriended brings something new to the table because everything is entirely through a laptop screen share of the main cast, Blaire Lily. It is something new for me to catch up when all the tabs are up on her screen, I need to rewind to know each that she does, afraid that I might miss out something. We can see everything and those millions tabs that she had opened.

Where it makes up in for that is cyber bullying but Unfriended really brings it to people heart in 2015. The character dynamics are interesting when they decided to reveal the story as a very real thing. It relate with the teenagers problem nowadays.

The only thing that annoyed me is when I need to catch up all the ads and entire browsing tab that the cast opened. When the panic starts, I need to keep my eye focus on each of tab to make sure that I understand whats happening right now. However, despite that, it still sure stays as nasty and tasty thriller happened in one night. Simple, easy and they all die. HAHA

I shall give these 4 stars so far for the truest tale that has ever been taken into scripts.
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