Sunday, April 10, 2016

Twelve oh five ay em post

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

it's twelve oh five ay em here in Seremban. And i'm so exhausted. For the past few month i've been back and forth work my ass up and down to make everything work. Don't Worry. I also hate when people telling that they will be uploading video frequently and post up new 'interesting' entry but nothing happens. But nobody knows what will happen next and to be honest, time just hates me.  

If you ask did marriage life affect me, no i it did not. Pejam celik its already in April. First quarter down guys. Kejap lagi people talking about puasa and raya. How exciting. This year has lots changes in my life. but lets not go to far from it erm kay. 

Would like to say thanks to client that had trust in me through this blog/website. Will be upgrading soon In Shaa Allah. 

Oh ya, i just heard that #GANTUNG to be on air as a series/film and they currently in production process. Not bad. i knew the writer from a pre production TV Show but yet i didnt know that she is a writer. Then i decided just last week to read her book. Honestly, not bad but really can't wait for me to watch it on screen. it's two different thing. Shall we wait for it! -- oh btw goodluck Livvy for the shoot. HAHA

So random. hope everyone have a great weekend ahead and i shall see you soon on my next entry! Oh new video up on youtube! :) 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy watching!
Till Then!


  1. Hey there Aynal!
    First of all I am just catching up on blog reading and just caught up with all of yours.
    Kudos to you for coming out from being bulimic! Good to know that you're being healthy now!
    Congratulations on the title change (from Miss to Mrs.)! Hahaha! I wish you a blissful married life!
    And last but not least, how have you been???

    1. Hi Hari, first! thanks for reading and catching up with me. and THANKS! for the wish! I don't know how to answer your question HAHA lepas satu satu datang. After wedding, work waiting, then i still have another of my wedding coming up in May, hope after it done i'm able to split more time. I pun tak sempat nak catch up others post :( hahaha.


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