Sunday, March 27, 2016

REVIEW : Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Lipsticks

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First, who doesn't loves chocolate. if you said so, you missed something awesome in your life. HAHA jk. So for todays entry i would like to do a review on one of my favs lip coloured lipsticks from Too Faced in the colour of ; Chocolate Cherries. 

The fact it has an intense chocolate colour, it just love at the first sight. I was hunting the perfect Chocolate coloured lipstick for the past i don't know, years i guess and seems this is the almost perfect one that i able to found. By please, when i said it is chocolate believe me IT IS -- it's the bestselling Melted and Melted Metal Liquified Lipsticks went through the candy factory for a delectable makeover in six new cocoa-powder-infused shades. I smells likes it yet taste like lipstick HAHA. 

What not to love when this contains antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and a mood-boosting chocolate scent which made it stays saturated with colour while keeping a comfortable, flexible, and cushiony wear. I feel like love in the airrrrrr..... <3 

Like every other Melted range, it has the same precision tip applicator to allow for a clean, effortless application each time (no brush needed).

The only things that i might not able to stand is just the sheer finish that it had which i'm bit uncomfortable when people stare (wearing bold colour everyday is one thing) but to be honest it is not a big gig for me. I STILL LOVES IT! How i wear it is, i always tap with powder precisely to make it look matte and it works. I love the formula of anti-smudge despite it looks like you wearing a gloss.

I had a dry lips. Yet this doesn't make my lips even worse. It is more than word to describe. Next, i want to get all range of colour!!! For more info visit their website ;

More details : 
12 mL / 0.40 Fl. Oz
RM90.00 (Malaysian Ringgit)

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