Friday, March 25, 2016

REVIEW : Rose Lover Scented Sachet

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Besides candle, i always try to keep my closet and bathroom smell fresh. You can't really burn candle in your closet don't you? and i always try to avoid burning candle in the bathroom. I'm clumsy and avoiding bad things happen is a must. So i tried Rose Lover Scented Candle. 

These scented sachets are the best when it comes to keeping your place/car smelling great! It's the only thing that I've tried that has worked for a decent length of time. I've tried those scented plugins and diffusers but none of them worked for me. 

When i bought it i can smell it throughout the plastic packaging before i even open it. and it make my bathroom smell fresh. but to be honest. not as strong as when you use it in the closet. might be cause the closet are always close, and the bathroom had an open air. but seriously, it work. 

How long it lasted? for me personally, 2-3 weeks for one sachet. However, on the two or the third week, the scent lowered down. i find it smell stronger when it raining. i think it gave the same concept like perfume which smells different depending on the weather. i'm not sure if this make sense. So, Violet and Sakura are my favourite scent. It is cheap and affordable which cost only RM3.90 each. You can get it at Metrojaya.  

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