Thursday, March 24, 2016

REVIEW | Freeman's Masks!! Part 1

Hey Hi Hello guys,

When it come to masks. I’m not a big fan of it..AT FIRST. I will not drawn when people said that “oh this masks are refreshing” – “it’s good if you wear it once or twice a week” and so on. Also I’m not to keen in keeping myself remember that I need to wear masks once a week or etc. Mak jemah cepat lupa. Memang tak lah nak ingat. 

If I tell you the story how I was hooked with these Freeman’s masks. It will be a goooood long story. I bet 7 series of it will never get through wayang nanti. But I can dare myself to say that THIS IS THE BEST MASKS OF ALL TIME! 

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post yah etc. every each reviews are from my personal thoughts and experience. 

Okay lets proceed. 

So, I have purchased these items at Guardians, originally price at RM22++ each but the Guardian has some kind of sales so the price when down at RM19.98 each at Guardian Midvalley. I just drawn to try out two first and end up buying six of them. HAHA memang gitu lah perangai kan. 

So, I picked out: 
1. Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask
2. Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask
3. Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask
4. Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask
5. Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask
6. Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

Each of these masks gives you different sensations when you apply it on your skin. Some of it is actually not for my skin type but my husbands. So I pick up some that I could test on his skin as well. HAHA 

For todays entry, I will be giving you my review and comments on the first three masks that I pick up. So, Is it really good? Well-let see.

1. Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask
Honestly this is my favourite. The texture is bit rough when you apply but not too much.  I love how it has a tingling warm effect when I applied it. But honestly at first I’m a bit afraid with the warm effect and wonder is the mask burning my skin. HAHA then leave it, let say around 7-10 minutes and rinse it off. I love the idea of the black sugar could be the exfoliator which help to exfoliate away the dull skin cells. It polished my skin and feeling freshly detoxified! This one is suitable for any skin type. 

The only thing that I didn’t like is the packaging, since it has rough sugar texture, it sometime hard for me to close the cap in tightly, which I need to wash the cap first. But naahh, not a big gig for me actually.

2. Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask
Okay. This is the mud version of the first mask that I mentioned. However, it doesn’t have rough sugar texture but only thick muddy texture. I like the idea of when it dries on my face, it tightens and I just love it! Bit hard for me to make an impression if anyone making jokes around me while me wearing this mask HAHA However, I did not say that it is not a good mask, it just when I rinse it off, I didn’t really feel much different afterwards. It supposed to moisturise and remineralise your skin but id dint feel a thing. Personally, I don’t really suggest for someone whom has an oily skin to use this, even though it said that it suits for any normal skin or combo skin type. 

3. Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask
Ahh! My second favourite mask from Freeman. I like the cooling effect it has when I let it on my skin for a few minutes. It is different from the Charcoal mask. Its like Yin and Yang. Warm and cool. And when I rinse it, I feel fresh and the cooling effect stays on you face! When I said fresh. No joke! It is fresh. It supposed to help to boosts your radiance and suits for any skin type. The textures of the mask are almost the same as the Charcoal-polishing mask, with harsh sugar texture. This one bit softens. 

These products are not tested on animals. Made with Natural ingredients and Easy to apply. For more info visit:

So far for this three masks, it is a good bargain. not to expensive yet it actually works. i love it and cant wait to give more review in PART 2!

Thanks for reading! 
Till Then. 


  1. FREEMAN MASKS ARE MY FAV. OMAIGAD BANYAKNYA AWAK BELI. Hehe. My most fav would be the Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask, it's kinda similar to Mint & Lemon, but less drying sikit. :) Can't wait for part 2, Aynal! bc I've eyeing to buy the sleeping mask.

    1. aaaaa i tak jumpa Avocado & Oatmeal tu. i picked all except the cleanser which i tak akan pakai. HAHA Kann. favs! wait for part 2 okayyyy :)) xx thanks for reading ieyra!

  2. Alaaa nak tahu yg pomegranate punyaa sye gunee yg tuu tak tahu sesuai ke tak tapi bau dia serius wangii pakai kat muka pun rasa best jaa,tapi tak tahu lagi efek dia heheh. Tq share bos!

  3. Alaaa nak tahu yg pomegranate punyaa sye gunee yg tuu tak tahu sesuai ke tak tapi bau dia serius wangii pakai kat muka pun rasa best jaa,tapi tak tahu lagi efek dia heheh. Tq share bos!


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