Thursday, March 24, 2016

I’m a Backpacker: Korea?

“dik minat Kpop ke?”
I was whatttttt? HAHA how cynical when people saw me reading books about korea. And much thinking that i minat KPOP? Whyyy? HAHAHA

It’s okay. Went to MPH and I love to go to the indie, fixi or Lejen area to see any funny new eshteg deep type of book. And I always love the title of the books. To be honest, sometimes it looks ridiculous but sometime GENIUS. HAHA

So for today’s entry I would like to do a review on a book called “I’m a backpacker: Korea”. Believe me that this book is different. It brings you along the journey. This book doesn’t leave you out. I hate when sometime the book left the reader out and syok sendiri. Informative type of book and I totally recommend you who planning to travel to korea. 


Even I did not plans to go to korea , I love how the writers brings you along and gave you an honest tips and tricks. From Where to go, to where to stay, and what you could eat. Believe me, travelling bit tricky when it comes to food and may be more complicated for us Muslims right?

It’s like 1001 tips tricks type of book, which feature important things, for you to know when coming to other country. You need to blend respectively so yourself will not feel like a stranger. Wish we able to have this type of book for Malaysia. HAHA well I know we do have lots but not like this. Feel free to get one at any near bookstores so you know what I mean. 

This book priced at RM23.00 :) 

Thanks for reading, 
Till Then. 

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