Friday, March 11, 2016

Another My Sale Haul!

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

SubhanAllah! GOOD MORNING.. 1AM! It’s been a while really. I’m sorry for missing all the updates that I should have done. I was super busy MasyaAllah. With my wedding preparations, and work. I need to balance both out. everything that i should post out were draft! sorry for the promises. i shall not promise anything and only will try to make it when i can. 

I’ll get to that on my next coming post!
So for today’s entry should be another My Sale Haul! Op’s I did it again? Didn’t I tell ya that once i figured it easy to do and mark, it’s going to be an epidemic? HAHA anyways, it’s actually not for me again. Asik-asik belikan cik abang punya. Awak punya bila nak belinya? Next time maybe. I still haven’t get much onto what I would like to get so far. I need something that bit hard to get it here in Malaysia to make it worth the wait. Eh eh. Apa yang aynal beli?


It’s ay Bushacre Rand Clarks shoe in the colour dark Navy with Suede materials. Haaaaa kemain panjang. Still by the right time I posted out this posts. En tunang belum try lagi. Hopefully muat la. It’s going to be the wedding official shoes. Katanya kalau sesuai.

To be honest, if you ask my opinion about the purchase. I say yassss it looks nice, I love how chic it is and since he likes it, so should be fine. It’s suede by materials, his size are 9UK. When it comes to sizes, buying online you need to be careful seriously.

For more info.
"Mens Bushacre Rand Dark & Navy Suede Boots" costs at RM229 with RM15 for the shipping which personally quite expensive lah but if it comes from Australia then it is cheap.

Find out more:

Thanks for reading this! 

Till Then. 

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