Sunday, March 27, 2016

REVIEW : Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Lipsticks

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

First, who doesn't loves chocolate. if you said so, you missed something awesome in your life. HAHA jk. So for todays entry i would like to do a review on one of my favs lip coloured lipsticks from Too Faced in the colour of ; Chocolate Cherries. 

The fact it has an intense chocolate colour, it just love at the first sight. I was hunting the perfect Chocolate coloured lipstick for the past i don't know, years i guess and seems this is the almost perfect one that i able to found. By please, when i said it is chocolate believe me IT IS -- it's the bestselling Melted and Melted Metal Liquified Lipsticks went through the candy factory for a delectable makeover in six new cocoa-powder-infused shades. I smells likes it yet taste like lipstick HAHA. 

What not to love when this contains antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and a mood-boosting chocolate scent which made it stays saturated with colour while keeping a comfortable, flexible, and cushiony wear. I feel like love in the airrrrrr..... <3 

Like every other Melted range, it has the same precision tip applicator to allow for a clean, effortless application each time (no brush needed).

The only things that i might not able to stand is just the sheer finish that it had which i'm bit uncomfortable when people stare (wearing bold colour everyday is one thing) but to be honest it is not a big gig for me. I STILL LOVES IT! How i wear it is, i always tap with powder precisely to make it look matte and it works. I love the formula of anti-smudge despite it looks like you wearing a gloss.

I had a dry lips. Yet this doesn't make my lips even worse. It is more than word to describe. Next, i want to get all range of colour!!! For more info visit their website ;

More details : 
12 mL / 0.40 Fl. Oz
RM90.00 (Malaysian Ringgit)

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Suffered Bulimia Nervosa?

Hey Hi Hello Guys, 

It's Saturdayyy. and i'm starving! HAHA waiting for my friend to say yes to teman me makann!!! I plan to actually post this entry wayy back before i even started to blog back, because i wanted to share with everyone my experience but yet i was afraid if i get some mean comments saying that i'm the one who cause myself to be ill and it is my personal choice. Seriously i get that 'honest' comments from some that i share with. 

(Image : Source)

Yes. I suffered Bulimia Nervosa. Sounds serious when it come to specific names ait? What is Bulimia Nervosa? It is one of an eating disorder like we have heard before e.g. anorexia and Binge eater. Bulimia Nervosa are slightly the same as binge eater. but different. People with bulimia nervosa eat unusually large amounts of food (binge eat) and then compensate by purging (vomiting), fasting or excessive exercise. People with binge-eating disorder, binge but do not purge, and they often become overweight or obese. 

Yes, it looks like nothing but it is something guys. It is bad. I started to figured that i suffered Bulimia Nervosa when i was in my college year. I started this habits (Eat & Vomit) since high school because i would want to stay skinny but yet i love to eat..and it goes on till my college year and to be honest till now. But not as hardcore as my college year. 

I don't know how to describe the feeling but let me try. 

For me personally, when i saw food. i have this kind of adrenaline rush and when i start, i can't stop eating. Yet bila dah kenyang, i feel bad to my self and start purging to either fast (tapi dulu i tak puasa) i vomit. i vomit all that i eat till i feel okay. then only i stop. Pernah dengar kan benda ni? and yet i thought that i suffered from anorexia. but no. HOWEVER, This is the step for you to be one. 

Sampailah one day, i don't feel like to eat. But when i eat, my weight drop like 2kg a day and i started to worried. I did some research and then i tibe dapat kesedaran so i started to eat like normal people. why did i scared? because it's a part of anorexia symptoms. You don't feel hungry, then when you eat but your weight keep dropping. then i started to eat like hell. I started to feel bloat and bad again.

I had this comment from my college friends and family that i sometimes looks skinny and sometime look fat. That's what happen. it is emotionally stress. 

Till i decided to go to the doctor to know either am i anorexic?

No. I suffered from Bulimia Nervosa. Like what the doctor said something like this -- "When you’re struggling with bulimia, life is a constant battle between the desire to lose weight or stay thin and the overwhelming compulsion to binge eat."

Dulu i gila work out. i sometimes work out excessively till i faint. Kalau pergi gym dekat area pandan tanya muka aynal ni kalau tak pengsan tak sah. Bila kene marah i cakap i didn't get enough sleep when the truth is i didn't eat. 

i sometimes feel so stuffed till my stomach feels like it’s going to burst. Then i started to feel disgusted and terrified by the thousands of calories i had consumed. After throw up and steps on the scale to make sure I hasn’t gained any weight. I know and I did not feel proud with what i did. 

So, if you ask now, I still suffered Bulimia Nervosa, but how i purge now to be honest, i fast. I puasa to detox my self after eating to much. I had to admit that i can't eat 5 times a day like normal people and have a healthy diet. I'm trying but it is not easy as it seems. I hate when people said bad things to binge eater like "that it's your choice you becoming one". but please, courage them not hate them. you didn't suffer from it easy for you to say. 

To be honest, eating disorder is not something that you can medically treat it. Sejujurnya, kesedaran to not diet but eat healthy. Treatment for bulimia is much more likely to succeed when you stop dieting. Once you stop trying to restrict calories and follow strict dietary rules, you will no longer be overwhelmed with cravings and thoughts of foods. By eating normally, you can break the binge-and-purge cycle and still reach a healthy, attractive weight. 

So hope this entry help you to share if you are one of me. 
Don't judge me and please be nice HAHA :)

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Friday, March 25, 2016

REVIEW : Rose Lover Scented Sachet

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Besides candle, i always try to keep my closet and bathroom smell fresh. You can't really burn candle in your closet don't you? and i always try to avoid burning candle in the bathroom. I'm clumsy and avoiding bad things happen is a must. So i tried Rose Lover Scented Candle. 

These scented sachets are the best when it comes to keeping your place/car smelling great! It's the only thing that I've tried that has worked for a decent length of time. I've tried those scented plugins and diffusers but none of them worked for me. 

When i bought it i can smell it throughout the plastic packaging before i even open it. and it make my bathroom smell fresh. but to be honest. not as strong as when you use it in the closet. might be cause the closet are always close, and the bathroom had an open air. but seriously, it work. 

How long it lasted? for me personally, 2-3 weeks for one sachet. However, on the two or the third week, the scent lowered down. i find it smell stronger when it raining. i think it gave the same concept like perfume which smells different depending on the weather. i'm not sure if this make sense. So, Violet and Sakura are my favourite scent. It is cheap and affordable which cost only RM3.90 each. You can get it at Metrojaya.  

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

I’m a Backpacker: Korea?

“dik minat Kpop ke?”
I was whatttttt? HAHA how cynical when people saw me reading books about korea. And much thinking that i minat KPOP? Whyyy? HAHAHA

It’s okay. Went to MPH and I love to go to the indie, fixi or Lejen area to see any funny new eshteg deep type of book. And I always love the title of the books. To be honest, sometimes it looks ridiculous but sometime GENIUS. HAHA

So for today’s entry I would like to do a review on a book called “I’m a backpacker: Korea”. Believe me that this book is different. It brings you along the journey. This book doesn’t leave you out. I hate when sometime the book left the reader out and syok sendiri. Informative type of book and I totally recommend you who planning to travel to korea. 


Even I did not plans to go to korea , I love how the writers brings you along and gave you an honest tips and tricks. From Where to go, to where to stay, and what you could eat. Believe me, travelling bit tricky when it comes to food and may be more complicated for us Muslims right?

It’s like 1001 tips tricks type of book, which feature important things, for you to know when coming to other country. You need to blend respectively so yourself will not feel like a stranger. Wish we able to have this type of book for Malaysia. HAHA well I know we do have lots but not like this. Feel free to get one at any near bookstores so you know what I mean. 

This book priced at RM23.00 :) 

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REVIEW | Freeman's Masks!! Part 1

Hey Hi Hello guys,

When it come to masks. I’m not a big fan of it..AT FIRST. I will not drawn when people said that “oh this masks are refreshing” – “it’s good if you wear it once or twice a week” and so on. Also I’m not to keen in keeping myself remember that I need to wear masks once a week or etc. Mak jemah cepat lupa. Memang tak lah nak ingat. 

If I tell you the story how I was hooked with these Freeman’s masks. It will be a goooood long story. I bet 7 series of it will never get through wayang nanti. But I can dare myself to say that THIS IS THE BEST MASKS OF ALL TIME! 

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post yah etc. every each reviews are from my personal thoughts and experience. 

Okay lets proceed. 

So, I have purchased these items at Guardians, originally price at RM22++ each but the Guardian has some kind of sales so the price when down at RM19.98 each at Guardian Midvalley. I just drawn to try out two first and end up buying six of them. HAHA memang gitu lah perangai kan. 

So, I picked out: 
1. Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask
2. Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask
3. Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask
4. Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask
5. Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask
6. Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

Each of these masks gives you different sensations when you apply it on your skin. Some of it is actually not for my skin type but my husbands. So I pick up some that I could test on his skin as well. HAHA 

For todays entry, I will be giving you my review and comments on the first three masks that I pick up. So, Is it really good? Well-let see.

1. Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask
Honestly this is my favourite. The texture is bit rough when you apply but not too much.  I love how it has a tingling warm effect when I applied it. But honestly at first I’m a bit afraid with the warm effect and wonder is the mask burning my skin. HAHA then leave it, let say around 7-10 minutes and rinse it off. I love the idea of the black sugar could be the exfoliator which help to exfoliate away the dull skin cells. It polished my skin and feeling freshly detoxified! This one is suitable for any skin type. 

The only thing that I didn’t like is the packaging, since it has rough sugar texture, it sometime hard for me to close the cap in tightly, which I need to wash the cap first. But naahh, not a big gig for me actually.

2. Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask
Okay. This is the mud version of the first mask that I mentioned. However, it doesn’t have rough sugar texture but only thick muddy texture. I like the idea of when it dries on my face, it tightens and I just love it! Bit hard for me to make an impression if anyone making jokes around me while me wearing this mask HAHA However, I did not say that it is not a good mask, it just when I rinse it off, I didn’t really feel much different afterwards. It supposed to moisturise and remineralise your skin but id dint feel a thing. Personally, I don’t really suggest for someone whom has an oily skin to use this, even though it said that it suits for any normal skin or combo skin type. 

3. Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask
Ahh! My second favourite mask from Freeman. I like the cooling effect it has when I let it on my skin for a few minutes. It is different from the Charcoal mask. Its like Yin and Yang. Warm and cool. And when I rinse it, I feel fresh and the cooling effect stays on you face! When I said fresh. No joke! It is fresh. It supposed to help to boosts your radiance and suits for any skin type. The textures of the mask are almost the same as the Charcoal-polishing mask, with harsh sugar texture. This one bit softens. 

These products are not tested on animals. Made with Natural ingredients and Easy to apply. For more info visit:

So far for this three masks, it is a good bargain. not to expensive yet it actually works. i love it and cant wait to give more review in PART 2!

Thanks for reading! 
Till Then. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Missing In Action!

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

(Image : Source)

How are you guys doing? *keningkening
Feeling cramps on my fingers since few weeks not giving any attentions to my blog. Been busy with wedding preparation, work and moving in just make my life bit packed. But great news! I just got married! Alhamdulillah, Allah eases everything with the journey.  I would like to thank here to my beloved friends and family who giving much support, willing to help and celebrate me on my wedding day. Saying thank you guys are just not enough! 

So that is the main reason why I have been missing a lot of things here and there. I know I have always promise that will be keep you guy’s update but unfortunately this time I didn’t. Sorry everyone. 

Other than that, with work deadlines and moving in process added more stress. HAHA penat cheq. I salute every each bloggers who keep cope with their update and I adore your time management. Seriously. It’s been few years of me coming back to DUNIA BLOG and still being amateur. 

Most of my entries are draft with incomplete pictures keep hangin in my posts. So I did push reviews that need to be completed. In Sha Allah very soon I will be updating regularly.

Hope ada yang sudi lagi baca blog ni ya. 
Tunggu post kita nanti :)

Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Eyeliners : Make up journey begin with an Eyeliners.

Hey Hi Hello Guys, 

Among all the other makeup items, eyeliner seems to be one of the most difficult to master. Sometimes we cannot deny that we tend to have smudgy eyes because of it due to wrong makeup techniques. Cuba cerita siapa tak stress kalau eyeliner sebelah perfect sekali  tengok sebelah lagi?...... -___-" Therefore, any girl who is not a pro in the makeup division, there are a few easy steps to apply as a beginner. Start simple and you will definitely get the hang of it in no time. So check out the eyeliners must-know tips for makeup beginners below. 

1. Start with Pencil

Every girl should know that there are various types of eyeliners available in the market. From pencil, gel, liquid and markers, just to name a few. For beginners, it is advised to start with the pencil eyeliners first as it does not smudge easily. However, make sure to apply primer on your face before starting to draw your eyeliners in. It helps! Practice makes perfect and if you are already good at the movements of your fingers, you can move forward for gels or liquids. You need to start out badly before getting the good stuff there. Just keep practicing! 

2. Go for Classic Black or Brown

Beginners should always start simple and neutral coloured eyeliners will be the perfect choice. Black and brown are the favourite eyeliner colours picked by a majority of women due to its versatile appearance. even for me, i like black and sometimes havva different style with brown as well. Women with any eye colour can rock these two colours with any makeup look. Kalau tengok omputih pakai tu. cantikkk je kan. Kaler pelangi pun cantik. That is their secret!

3. Decide the Style

Deciding on the style of eyeliner you want is important even as beginners. This is because you apply eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes and make your eyes pop out more. Whether you go for a winged eyeliner look, full on bottom top circling your eyes or any other styles, make sure it brings out the beauty of your eyes as the wrong style will jeopardize your whole make up look!

That is all for now. Hope this article help!
Thanks for Reading!

Till Then.

Another My Sale Haul!

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

SubhanAllah! GOOD MORNING.. 1AM! It’s been a while really. I’m sorry for missing all the updates that I should have done. I was super busy MasyaAllah. With my wedding preparations, and work. I need to balance both out. everything that i should post out were draft! sorry for the promises. i shall not promise anything and only will try to make it when i can. 

I’ll get to that on my next coming post!
So for today’s entry should be another My Sale Haul! Op’s I did it again? Didn’t I tell ya that once i figured it easy to do and mark, it’s going to be an epidemic? HAHA anyways, it’s actually not for me again. Asik-asik belikan cik abang punya. Awak punya bila nak belinya? Next time maybe. I still haven’t get much onto what I would like to get so far. I need something that bit hard to get it here in Malaysia to make it worth the wait. Eh eh. Apa yang aynal beli?


It’s ay Bushacre Rand Clarks shoe in the colour dark Navy with Suede materials. Haaaaa kemain panjang. Still by the right time I posted out this posts. En tunang belum try lagi. Hopefully muat la. It’s going to be the wedding official shoes. Katanya kalau sesuai.

To be honest, if you ask my opinion about the purchase. I say yassss it looks nice, I love how chic it is and since he likes it, so should be fine. It’s suede by materials, his size are 9UK. When it comes to sizes, buying online you need to be careful seriously.

For more info.
"Mens Bushacre Rand Dark & Navy Suede Boots" costs at RM229 with RM15 for the shipping which personally quite expensive lah but if it comes from Australia then it is cheap.

Find out more:

Thanks for reading this! 

Till Then. 
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