Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MYSALE Haul, It's my first time?

Hey Hi Hello Guys, 

OMG his birthday off what should i get for him? HAHA just a joke. 
Finally, i bought something at MY SALE. it is my first time trying to purchased an items at MY SALE, i'm a bad shopper, i do avoid shop online kalau boleh. i usually dream i can make it happen but then all left over in the cart and dissapear till the next day. sampai lah cik abang tanya pasal perfume favourite dia. yes, he got the same interest as well, love to see, hard to hold. HAHA

What did i get? ay CK one perfume set.
well my first thought getting this was "DAMN ITS HUGE" by that i mean, the box! the shipping were not bad at all to. and i like to see the sale at MY SALE, i always got this itchiness to buy something, lagi lagi kalau NYX or MAC sale. but never did. i sometimes, just put it in the cart but never get the mark to push and proceed the checkout till now. It takes around two weeks for shipping, which i don't mind actually. 

So, What inside the box?

1. CK One, 200ml Eau De Toilette
2. CK One, 200ml Skin Moisturizer
3. CK One, 100ml Body Wash
4. CK One, 15ml mini Eau De Toilette

Not bad ait? it Costs RM214 including shipping. lets do the math, RM199 item price and RM15 for the shipping. Which is not bad at all. I sure will get my next purchase at MYSALE. Find out more : http://www.mysale.my/

Thanks for reading this! 
Till Then. 


  1. I LOVE MYSALE! Things are relatively cheap there, sometimes ada rare brands on sale tapi bila dah rare tu, shipping pulak mahal. Haha. I once ordered some cosmetics from mysale, shipped from UK but sampai lambat gila, almost 2 months! :/ (still love the site though ;P)

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. Who doesn't! my concer is the shipping, murah mmg murah tapi kalau setakat nak beli satu je. better forget it for costly shipping fees. HAHAH thanks for reading syg!


  2. oh first time dgr MYSALE ni. oh no~ I love buying perfumes and hate looking at the prices in Sephora and most of the time buy at Parkson.

    Worth to check out I guess~

    Mira | Pretty Little Things

    1. you should then visit the site! its breath taking! hihi thanks for reading my dear!



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