Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MYSALE Haul, It's my first time?

Hey Hi Hello Guys, 

OMG his birthday off what should i get for him? HAHA just a joke. 
Finally, i bought something at MY SALE. it is my first time trying to purchased an items at MY SALE, i'm a bad shopper, i do avoid shop online kalau boleh. i usually dream i can make it happen but then all left over in the cart and dissapear till the next day. sampai lah cik abang tanya pasal perfume favourite dia. yes, he got the same interest as well, love to see, hard to hold. HAHA

What did i get? ay CK one perfume set.
well my first thought getting this was "DAMN ITS HUGE" by that i mean, the box! the shipping were not bad at all to. and i like to see the sale at MY SALE, i always got this itchiness to buy something, lagi lagi kalau NYX or MAC sale. but never did. i sometimes, just put it in the cart but never get the mark to push and proceed the checkout till now. It takes around two weeks for shipping, which i don't mind actually. 

So, What inside the box?

1. CK One, 200ml Eau De Toilette
2. CK One, 200ml Skin Moisturizer
3. CK One, 100ml Body Wash
4. CK One, 15ml mini Eau De Toilette

Not bad ait? it Costs RM214 including shipping. lets do the math, RM199 item price and RM15 for the shipping. Which is not bad at all. I sure will get my next purchase at MYSALE. Find out more : http://www.mysale.my/

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Know Your Bras Tips & Tricks!

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

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Somehow, it’s a bit sensitive when it comes to talking about something that related with woman body part, which I think it is not necessary.  I would like to talk about bra and share with you girls, the tips and trick about choosing the right “best friend” for your “sisters”. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of bras. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the support and all it just I find it uncomfortable and not free when it comes to this. Guys, if you are reading this, please take a note and learn something about us. 

I learnt new things everyday. It’s important for us to take care of our body and the part as well. Eat healthy is one thing. But what you wear and use it is also important. Let me share five easy tips to help keep you happy and confident. 

1. ALWAYS Find the Right Size for Your Babies. 
It is everything you need to know about bra fitting. Ever wonder and get into trouble when it comes choosing which bras that are going to fit you well? You need to keep the measurement. Make sure that it’s the right size and measurement. No “agak-agak muat” – that is the reason you’ll find yourself not comfortable wearing it. 

So stay sexy all year long by getting your measure every 6 months. 

2. Keep it Neat and Clean
This the true tips and facts, which keep stacking together bras in your lingerie drawer will help them maintain their shape. How to hand wash you brassieres? Do not wash it with washing machine. I did it once and twice, it makes mine ridiculously ruin. HAND WASH it lasted longer than you think. 

How I usually to do it are, filled my sink in cold water or maybe in a clean basin. It helps to preserve the elasticity and use a mild detergent. Soak the bras completely for several minutes and work the suds through the fabric for 5 minutes. Rinse and drain the dirty water and keep rinse under a running faucet. Then hang it dry. Senang!

3. Know Your Sister Sizing!!

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4. When to Wear and When to Not. 
You need to rotate your bra. I know there must be someone somewhere uses the same bra 2-3 days. No I will not call you disgusting but I do understand. Its must be because it is comfortable. But girls, that is the reason why we need to find the right size at the first place to make sure that we have more that what we need. Rotate between 4 bras and switch them out every week to make sure that the band preserves their elasticity. 

At night, I bet nobody wears it at night right? If you still do, DO NOT. Give them a break overnight. Let them breath. We usually debunk some common myths about wearing a bra to bed. For me, don’t have to so you can rest easy (and stay perky!) – If you feel like you want some support, you can try a looser-fitting shelf bralet or tank top as a middle ground.

5. What & Which to Choose?

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Monday, February 1, 2016

REVIEW | Revlon New Complexion Loose Face Powder

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

I can't stand whenever my Compact Powder breaks because i did. yea. i did break it sometimes when clumsy me always trip it and cant even handle a small items. Its time for me to start using loose powder. Today's entry will be reviewing the "Revlon New Complexion Loose Face Powder" - well, to be honest its my first time getting my hands on these babies.

So It really is a personal choice on how you do it or how you works it with your foundation, no matter how great your skill in covering, contouring, blending it, at the end of the result the true complexion ends with how you applied your powder for the finish touch. After using Revlon's loose powder, i realised that pressed powder can be heavier if applied, and if used with a brush, i cant really keep it as the powder sometimes not sticking up well.

That is the one thing i like with this products. in any way, it actually suits and sit well on my skin. i have a dry skin , i was born with dry skin, i does make a it look a little bit oily but to be honest that makes my skin look glowing and healthy. i did read some reviews before getting it. i was really stubborn and obsessed on trying new products. to see if its suits with my skin. I don't really buy with words and reviews, its a bonus if the reviews are all great but when it comes to bad review. Drawn to get it asap! I get mine in the Translucent No.2

It gives me a final satin touch and sheer finish. it does make my skin glows with translucence which i like it a lot! at the time i bought it, it retailed for RM53.33 Originally retailed at RM59.25. You can get this at Watson, More info go to : http://www.watsons.com.my/

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