Monday, January 18, 2016

Yeap, Winner Announcement Time!

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

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How are you guys doing? i know i owe you for the winner announcement yesterday right? HAHA Apology i was quite packed up with stuff like lots of stuff, SERIOUSLY! 

Tak sabar! Tak Sabar! Tak Sabar!!!!!
I am excited too guys. 

I hope, everyone who didn't win the giveaway, dont be sad. i will do more giveaway, In Shaa Allah. doakan rezeki murah ya :) Apalagi, Jum tengok siapa menang :) Nak tahu kene play video bawah ni hihi :)

Tahniah kepada PEMENANG :)
Please email me at aynalnalmansor[at]gmail[dot][com]
Please email me within 24 hours ya. :)

Congrats again!  Oh ya, i will follow and blogwalking to all the candidates who join in! stay tuned for my comments! hihi

Thanks for joining and readin! 
Till Then!


  1. Wow, nice one! Congrats to the winner :)

  2. perghhh stylo seyh nak umumkan pemenang .hehhee. tahniah ! :)

  3. alaa sis xleh tgk..:( tenet basic tgk video abih terus data huhu (T_T) Btw congratz sapa winner tu ^^

  4. wahhhhh siap bideo lagi . hehe . congrats sayidah . buat unboxing pleaseeeeeee

  5. Awesome nya buat video macamni! Congrats winner hehe.

  6. fuyoooo cara umun pemenang paling wink hihihi tahniah pada pemenang

  7. wow....tahniah sayidahhhh..... ;-)


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