Monday, January 4, 2016

Secretly in 2016! Am i moving out?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!
What upppp gais. Pejam celik dah tahun baru. WOW. Alhamdulillah masih merasa nafas di tahun 2016 in shaa Allah. Amin. So i'm updating right now cause im currently drafting all the new entry that i'm about to post up since my blog look like a "ghost town". mujur giveaway tengah on. kalau tak? But i would like to thanks each of you who join in the giveaway. I will keep track in every each of your entry which i did :) I will follow you as well.

Actually i just done cleaning my room and pack some stuff up since i will be moving in to another room which is much bigger and nicer. HAHA i assume. Kene lah tukar bilik an practise tidur katil besar mungkin bakal berkongsi dengan orang ye dak? I re-decorating my room currently which why i feel so uncomfortable to update a new entry. everything was upside down. i cant imagine how hectic it is. Lots of stuf going on right now i can't imagine where to start. 

Oh ya, did you remember my post regarding the Scrub reviews?? Well i have to deleted that post/entry. last week i received an email from one of the Intellectual Property Consultant  for one local brand objected my trademark provision in the picture that i edited (edit gamba this Scrub brand, which i gave a great review and recommend it but since i just put my logo as a claim that the picture was mine not the product was mine) - maybe it still not okay and were on "OBJECTION" stage. But no priority claim requires. Takpelah :) next time ill be more careful with this :)

Anywayssss.... let the picture tell the story. You can see boxes everywhere. but seriously, ni baru sikit je, i'm packing everything and bersepah kotakk, rasa nak nangis je tengok bilik HAHA.

Hope you guys are patient enough to wait. See you soon in my next entry :)
Till Then.

Oh! Thanks for reading!


  1. Seems like it will be a lot of posts after this. Yay! :D

  2. Banyaknya benda kena review! Looking forward to your reviews!

  3. confirm pening kepala tengok bilik bersepah kan haha happy new year.!


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