Saturday, December 5, 2015

The month that i'm waiting for.

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Sometimes I took new month as one of the reason that I need to update my blog, make new entry, talk about something at least; Just to let people know that I'm still exists. Like previous month, I would love to said something on what did I expect in that month but unfortunately not for this month. Not much. Just to express some disappointment and maybe a little summary on the past month.

As you have noticed that for the past few days, living expenses has rise up and everything been mocked up and lots of people expressing their feeling towards all this. Yes indeed its hurt, but somehow I felt that there is something that we, or maybe me, myself need to slip and think what mistakes that have we done.

I sometimes think that maybe this is the way God telling us that we need to be patient. Yes indeed many said that, enough being patient. But are we really before? To be honest, one thing that I miss are my patience. I have low self-control for the past few months. Yesterday, I stood and try to be wise. I remembered my mom said that “somehow we just need to stop complaining and do something” – even we are not able to turn everything like how it use to be, maybe we could start with ourselves first. It is actually comes from an individual.

Why my mom said that to me you ask? – It is because I started complaining saying I might not able to survive in this pathetic world, cause people don’t care about people anymore, only money. Her reply is, “since when people started to care about people?” – nothing change, it just becoming worst because we let it be worst.

Sentap sekejap.

Maybe this has nothing to do with all the living expenses issues that had rise up so far in the starting point of the entry, because that is not my point at all. The only point is I need to stop complaining and started planning. I had enough people telling Bu*** -- “so are you gonna just let it be? We need to so something, or mana boleh biarkan, kita kene bantah” – you know what? I have no power and God knows what’s behind the curtains. Maybe I didn’t know, but just let me live my own life; just let US live our own life. It already getting hard, just don’t make it harder.

Till Then.

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  1. There are still some people who believe that "people care about people world" still exist... I know a guy who had the worse childhood among my buddies. He's parents divorced when he was 9 and he moved to his grandma's and had the worse time you could ever think of ( getting tortured, canned, etc. ). To make things worse, the community isolated him from them all because he is different in terms of family background. when he reached the age of 15, his sister ran away and left him because can't stand the pressure from his grandmom's. He got kick out of his house during his SPM exams. But today i still see him standing strong despite of the hardships he's been through and he's now serving as an inspiration to others. Things happened for a reason and you just have to believe in it... Just a story to share~ =)


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