Sunday, December 6, 2015

SeriesREV : How I Met Your Mother Series

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

To be honest, i did not start my world with this series like any regular people. At first, i did not know that this series even exist. I did know some of other series like F.r.i.e.n.d.s, but likely just let it linger in my head rather than i take my time to actually watch it. It all started when met a new friend from Indonesia, he is actually my senior in college. Me and my friend do hang out sometimes at his house and i've noticed that he keep on watching something. I did not know either it is a series or anything. then i realize that it is a series since everything are keep going on an on. Then one day, my eyes was hooked up with one episodes of "Robin Sparkles" in season 2.  I was completely sold. My next move are to figure out where can i get the first season.

Then the search stop for awhile. I'd remember that i just knew that my brother were following the same series and he keep downloading it. -- i've found it in his PC. HAHA so yea, i spend my whole day watching the series, and by what i know its already season 6. It's Ramadhan, i remember, my mom was calling me asking to stop watching the show and ask me to go find something to eat for fast break. It just brutal how i could spend my whole day without noticing that its almost 7pm that time.

I could relate with HIMYM, which it's weirdly fun. In a way. This is my favourite series of all time besides Big Bang Theory. I can;t really relate with F.r.i.e.n.d.s maybe because i've watch HIMYM first. idk. I can say that every episode in HIMYM inspires me. The only things that i don't really like is the final episode which is just heartbreaking. I can sure that it is not what everyone expected. No spoiler alert here, just in case you want to start watching it. I know it's already been awhile, and since this series has ended, i wonder if i'm able to enjoyed every bit of episode again. I bet you can. 

Here is the synopsis ;-
The series concerns the adventures of Ted Mosby and how he met the mother of his children. The story starts with the younger Mosby living in New York City and working as an architect; the narrative deals primarily with his best friends, including the long-lasting couple Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin ; the eccentric, womanizing-playboy Barney Stinson ; and news anchor Robin Scherbatsky. The series explores many storylines, including a "will they or won't they" relationship between Robin and each of the two single male characters, Marshall and Lily's relationship, and the ups and downs of the characters' careers.

The show's frame story depicts Ted verbally retelling the story to his son Luke and daughter Penny as they sit on the couch in the year 2030. This future-set frame is officially the show's "present day" and How I Met Your Mother exploits this framing device in numerous ways: to depict and re-depict events from multiple points of view; to set up jokes using quick and sometimes multiple flashbacks nested within the oral retelling; to substitute visual, verbal or aural euphemisms for activities Ted doesn't want to talk about with his children (sexual practices, use of illicit substances, vulgar language, etc.); and even to add some elements of humor: in the episode "How I Met Everyone Else", Ted describes his dates with a girlfriend whose name he has forgotten, leading all characters to act as though her given name were "Blah-Blah."

I enjoyed watching it over and over again. Want to watch it? Feel free to watch it on


  1. I do prefer Friends over HIMYM but I do LOVE HIMYM! HIMYM was the answer to the void that was left behind by Friends for me. I am an 80's kid and Friends was the best thing on TV (for me at least) when I was in my late teens and early adulthood. I will forever miss Barney Stinson!

    1. alwayys! i just love him. HAHA thats the thing, i watch HIMYM first i cant really cope with Friend. but i love both!. thanks for reading! xx

  2. Maigod I never watch FRIEND ! I must put it in my wishlist then !

  3. lama sangat series ni, & bila dah hujung2 tu kurang "kick".


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