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I Started to Save My Money When My Mom...

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Money is one of the things that I’ve struggled with. To be honest, I love to shop. A LOT! i would like to emphasize that. Sometimes I shop till I forget the important thing that I need to settle first. Which is a priority. And officially labeled me as shopaholic. Before I noticed that taking care of your money and spending it on what you need rather than what you want are really important, I splurge myself out without thinking what could happen next. I’m young during that time. Sekarang pun young jugak kiki. :p Once, working as a freelancer in Production Company able to capture yourself double digits  salary which what makes me blind for while. I had so much fun spending it all and kept thinking where did my all money go. I have no savings before. But the thought disappear, menyesal sekejap je lepas dah spend the money because I know I could get that amount of money again. How selfish and immature i can be. 

This happened last 3 years; I got a call from my brother telling me that mom was in a hospital. I kept myself in silent. I did not think much just rush to the hospital cause what I want to see is my mom. It’s a torture guys. Seeing your mother, unconscious, hypo and did not know what she was talking about. Did not know that she had peed and defecate all over her bed. She couldn’t control herself. I cried so much only Allah knows how in pain I am seeing my mom. 

Then my sibling’s and me think, how to pay all the hospital cost and me? I don’t have any money. None. Just few hundred for me to survive through the month before I get on the next job. Then I realize only if I did not being selfish and save, at least a little, maybe I able to help. but i couldn't. So my brother pays it all. :(

So guys. Please. I do understand the urge to shop, and I did not say that you couldn’t shop at all. It would be nice to pamper yourself with things that you like but not too much. We never knew what going to happen. 

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If you did not have saving now, it’s not too late to do so. Don’t worry. It is still not too late if you realize it now. So today, I just want to share how I save my money and I’m able to save up more than what I thought. 

(a) RM5 Rules
I bet everyone knows this. At first it was hard for me as well. To not use any RM5 note. Yes. HARAM kan diri guna duit RM5 tu. Kalau ada masuk dalam tabung. Sometime I used the money depend on how desperate I am. But so far, Alhamdulillah. I’m able to save 300++ per month. You can also do it with other type of notes. RM10, RM20 etc. but I did not propose RM10. Sebab kita selalu dapat RM10 tu. Cari duit yang jarang kita dapat. RM5, RM20. Tapi kalau keluar duit dari bank, semua duit RM20 masuk la sekeping dua, jangan la masukkan semua. Sebab duit tu dari bank kan. HAHA. 

(b) 1st day = RM1, 2nd day = RM2 and so on
Yes, I did try this method for a month without skipped and of the days. Fuh cekalkan hati jiwa dan raga. How to do it? you need to follow the date. Just in case you started today on the 7th of December, you need to put in RM7 in your piggy bank. Then continue it tomorrow, on the 8th, which is RM8 for tomorrow and so on. Till 31st of December, which mean RM31 to put in your piggy bank. Which make you saved up RM496 in the 31 days. To be honest, it’s a bit hard at first to follow. I fail in the first month I tried, I skipped some day but still you able to save up at least RM150 which are okay la kan?

So these are the two methods that I used to save my money. Alhamdulillah. It works. Hope this helps you guys as well. Let me know if you have any different methods for me to give a try. I would love to. 

Thanks for reading.
Till Then. 


  1. I've been following tweets from @kewangangraduan on twitter, banyak jugak tips dapat kt situ! and yes, I do the RM5 rules too, walaupun selalu skip2 lupa nak masuk tabung haha.

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. thats greatt! hahaha aynal pun kadang selalu skip jugakk. hihi thanks for reading!! xx

  2. wow aynal . seriously . I'm impress with the RM5 rules, though here in India there's no RM5 , but I'll try to make 50 rupees into practice since it is kind of hard to get 50 rupees here, usually only get 10 or 20 rupees.

    and thank you for this post. It reminds me to save a bit in a month. I already over expend this month and it was whole lot crazier than how much I'd spent at Ipoh. Indian food is cheap but we cannot easily eat street food so ended up I always ate at hipster restaurant and usually my lunch would cost more than RM20. how to solve this problem pleaseeee

  3. sehari RM1, sebulan RM30, next month terguna pulak duit tu. so tak sempat nak masuk bank huhu


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