Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hey Hi Hello Guys,

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I'm Sorry! I'm really sorry if some of you have waited the year end, merangkap new year giveaway that i mentioned in my previous entry. I have been swamp with work and preparation within 3 month which is crayzayy! If you want to join in the giveaway? [CLICK HERE] and don't forget to call out your friend to join in this giveaway. This is the only way for me to thank all of your support so far and becoming my friends here :)

I wish i could give these giveaway to each of you, However i couldn't :(
But i would like to say that this is a HUGE Giveaway for you guys! like seriously no joke. :)

Anyway. What's up with my life? All of the sudden i was super busy and can't really spend most of my time on blogging. I was super swamp with work and some other stuff which is indeed something i need to settle ASAP. I haven't got a chance to upload my Youtube video and OMG now i know it is hard to keep it consistent when you have your job and do other stuff. Still getting use to it, which i mean uploading video on youtube. Blogging still boleh curi curi masa so far. :)

I have a lot of things to share with you :( sadly it takes a bit time for me to type it in. takpe. Aynal akan curi masa jugak untuk post entry yang Aynal nak share :)

Jangan lupa join Giveaway End of the Year ye :)

Thanks for reading!
Till Then.


  1. Hope you manage to do all your tasks. Have a nice day ahead!

  2. Gambar tu...bukan sekadar hiasan...sbb cantik...hihihi...

  3. Baru catching dengan blog reading sebab tengah enjoy year end skarang nie! :P :P :P
    Just saw your giveaway post! Bestnyer! Hangat sambutan!
    Anyway, wishing everyone joining good luck!
    Keep up the good work Aynal!

    1. Thanks my dear Hari! you being such a great buddy since i started blogging! appreciate it, wish a happy new year to you and hope you will achieve what you want and need throughout the year :)


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