Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Awat Hang Bodoh Sangat Sial?"

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

What? What did i say? 
No it's not what i said. It's something people looking for. It was around week plus i didn't update my blog. It was a busy week, month indeed. With wedding, Friends, Work, Business. It just, SubhanAllah. I pray to God i did not go cray crayy. Anyway. Whats with the title? I actually looking on my page views to know what going on and stuff. So when i clicked on the Keyword search. Came out this. 

I was wondering what did i said in one of my entry that makes my blog appeared after the search. Do i swear or something? i recall that i didn't. HAHA i don't know. I was super tired for the past few days, there a lot or reviews and commercial entry i need to do. I hope you guys willing to wait for it. I have list down the entry that i supposed to do, but i can't right now. i need a calm night or day with enough energy for me to think. Doing it just like that would never satisfy me. 

This is just a quick update to mention that i'm still here and alive. In Shaa Allah. Panjang umur lagi. Even now while typing this, my eyes keep shutting down and it just brutal. But anyways, hope this entry would never bore ya guys. This is just an empty update. I will be updating more entry soon. I just bit busy so far to handle my coming business. Hope it'll went well. 

Hopefully. In Shaa Allah. 

Oh ya, to the person who search using the keyword highlighted. Hopefully you feel great today. Have a nice day :)

Thanks for reading. 
Till Then. 


  1. People actually search for that??!! Hahaha!

  2. Mungkin ada yang cari kot pasal tu. Haha. Btw, can't wait for your next update. Take a good rest, okay? :)

  3. hahaha..mcm marah betul tu siap search keyword cenggitu :)

  4. orang nak cari status fb agaknya haha


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