Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hey Hi Hello Guys,

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I'm Sorry! I'm really sorry if some of you have waited the year end, merangkap new year giveaway that i mentioned in my previous entry. I have been swamp with work and preparation within 3 month which is crayzayy! If you want to join in the giveaway? [CLICK HERE] and don't forget to call out your friend to join in this giveaway. This is the only way for me to thank all of your support so far and becoming my friends here :)

I wish i could give these giveaway to each of you, However i couldn't :(
But i would like to say that this is a HUGE Giveaway for you guys! like seriously no joke. :)

Anyway. What's up with my life? All of the sudden i was super busy and can't really spend most of my time on blogging. I was super swamp with work and some other stuff which is indeed something i need to settle ASAP. I haven't got a chance to upload my Youtube video and OMG now i know it is hard to keep it consistent when you have your job and do other stuff. Still getting use to it, which i mean uploading video on youtube. Blogging still boleh curi curi masa so far. :)

I have a lot of things to share with you :( sadly it takes a bit time for me to type it in. takpe. Aynal akan curi masa jugak untuk post entry yang Aynal nak share :)

Jangan lupa join Giveaway End of the Year ye :)

Thanks for reading!
Till Then.

Year End + New Year Giveaway? By Aynal M

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

Here is another great and HUGE giveaway for you guys! 

Its my way of saying thanks to you, Thanks sudi jadi kawan blog and tak sangka kan nak masuk tahun baru. Alhamdulillah masih diberi umur dan peluang di dunia ini. In shaa Allah. Aynal nak ucap Selamat Tahun Baru kepada semua kawan-kawan kat blog ni :)

Tapi Tapi Tapi... Aynal nak cakap sorry sangat sebab postpone the giveaway.. Hardisk error! Semua gambar and design dalam hardisk. memang busy nak buat balik tapi, nak tak nak kene buat jugak baru so tak adalah korang tertunggu-tunggu (eh? ada ke yang tunggu?) kalau ada lah :))

Anywayyyy! Giveaway yang ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba! Apa yang korang akan menang? Ha macam ni ceritanya. Aynal macam nak buat surprise dekat korang untuk hadiah yang korang bakal menang. To be Honest, you'll never know what you will win, to see how brave you are to join in. 

Aynal assure yang hadiah-hadiah adalah baru, bukan secondhand, berbaloi, and BEST! Aynal janji! Aynal leh bagi HINT je hadiahnya dari mana...tapi APA HADIAH TU? RAHSIA. Apa saja logo yang tertera dekat gamba di bawah merangkumi hadiah yang korang bakal menang. and akan ada additional hadiah. Apa yang pasti hadiah bukan hadiah yang korang tak akan guna, In shaa Allah hadiah-hadiah adalah apa yang aynal suka. and tak akan nak bagi apa yang kita tak suka kan? Hint lagi? Care Product, Make Up, Accessories, clothing Etc. :) So, Macam Mana nak join??


1. Giveaway ni terbuka untuk SEMUA yang menetap di Wilayah Semenanjung Malaysia.
2. Hanya akan ada SATU pemenang sahaja ya.
3. Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah pada 16 Jan 2016 :)
4. Pemenang akan diumumkan di blog ini pada 2 hari berikutnya selepas tarikh tutup which again

Syarat-Syarat Wajib Penyertaan :

1. Tulis entry yang bertajuk "Year End + New Year Giveaway? By Aynal M"
-----> (Copy Gamba and back link ke entry ini)

2. Follow blog ini, Letaknamaterlalumainstream

3. Follow Instagram @aynlmnsr (Kalau ada instagram and kalau sudi, hihi)

4. Jangan lupa untuk Tag 3 rakan blog anda untuk sertai giveaway ni!

Dah settle??? boleh lah kawankawan letakkan link penyertaan & nama instagram anda di ruangan komen di bawah ini. !! :)

INGAT! Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah pada 16 Jan 2016 15 Jan 2016 :) so ada masa untuk anda semua join giveaway ni! and aynal akan announce pemenang pada 2 hari berikutnya :) Join tauu!! :)

So Aynal nak wish good luck okay! :))

Thank you for reading!
Till Then.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Year End Giveaway? By Aynal M (Coming Soon)

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

I believe that this might not be getting much support when mentioned that it’s a mystery giveaway. Who knows what you gonna get, but I promise that it will be a good giveaway! I would love to keep it as a secret and yes indeed this is a giveaway. How much it worth? Well no. I would love to keep it as a secret. So, do you dare to keep yourself together and join in this giveaway? Will see. Will see….

Here is the teaser.

I just love the idea of making people happy. Sometimes people would love to know what they would get before join in right? I would like to practice something different. Most of the items are my favs item as well. And I BET & PROMISE this will be a good giveaway. Not any creepy, rubbish type of giveaway.

The giveaway will be held soon on 24th Of Dec 2015. How to join? When is the deadline? Etc. etc. wait for the next entry!

Feel free to let me know what you think. :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Awat Hang Bodoh Sangat Sial?"

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

What? What did i say? 
No it's not what i said. It's something people looking for. It was around week plus i didn't update my blog. It was a busy week, month indeed. With wedding, Friends, Work, Business. It just, SubhanAllah. I pray to God i did not go cray crayy. Anyway. Whats with the title? I actually looking on my page views to know what going on and stuff. So when i clicked on the Keyword search. Came out this. 

I was wondering what did i said in one of my entry that makes my blog appeared after the search. Do i swear or something? i recall that i didn't. HAHA i don't know. I was super tired for the past few days, there a lot or reviews and commercial entry i need to do. I hope you guys willing to wait for it. I have list down the entry that i supposed to do, but i can't right now. i need a calm night or day with enough energy for me to think. Doing it just like that would never satisfy me. 

This is just a quick update to mention that i'm still here and alive. In Shaa Allah. Panjang umur lagi. Even now while typing this, my eyes keep shutting down and it just brutal. But anyways, hope this entry would never bore ya guys. This is just an empty update. I will be updating more entry soon. I just bit busy so far to handle my coming business. Hope it'll went well. 

Hopefully. In Shaa Allah. 

Oh ya, to the person who search using the keyword highlighted. Hopefully you feel great today. Have a nice day :)

Thanks for reading. 
Till Then. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

I Started to Save My Money When My Mom...

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

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Money is one of the things that I’ve struggled with. To be honest, I love to shop. A LOT! i would like to emphasize that. Sometimes I shop till I forget the important thing that I need to settle first. Which is a priority. And officially labeled me as shopaholic. Before I noticed that taking care of your money and spending it on what you need rather than what you want are really important, I splurge myself out without thinking what could happen next. I’m young during that time. Sekarang pun young jugak kiki. :p Once, working as a freelancer in Production Company able to capture yourself double digits  salary which what makes me blind for while. I had so much fun spending it all and kept thinking where did my all money go. I have no savings before. But the thought disappear, menyesal sekejap je lepas dah spend the money because I know I could get that amount of money again. How selfish and immature i can be. 

This happened last 3 years; I got a call from my brother telling me that mom was in a hospital. I kept myself in silent. I did not think much just rush to the hospital cause what I want to see is my mom. It’s a torture guys. Seeing your mother, unconscious, hypo and did not know what she was talking about. Did not know that she had peed and defecate all over her bed. She couldn’t control herself. I cried so much only Allah knows how in pain I am seeing my mom. 

Then my sibling’s and me think, how to pay all the hospital cost and me? I don’t have any money. None. Just few hundred for me to survive through the month before I get on the next job. Then I realize only if I did not being selfish and save, at least a little, maybe I able to help. but i couldn't. So my brother pays it all. :(

So guys. Please. I do understand the urge to shop, and I did not say that you couldn’t shop at all. It would be nice to pamper yourself with things that you like but not too much. We never knew what going to happen. 

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If you did not have saving now, it’s not too late to do so. Don’t worry. It is still not too late if you realize it now. So today, I just want to share how I save my money and I’m able to save up more than what I thought. 

(a) RM5 Rules
I bet everyone knows this. At first it was hard for me as well. To not use any RM5 note. Yes. HARAM kan diri guna duit RM5 tu. Kalau ada masuk dalam tabung. Sometime I used the money depend on how desperate I am. But so far, Alhamdulillah. I’m able to save 300++ per month. You can also do it with other type of notes. RM10, RM20 etc. but I did not propose RM10. Sebab kita selalu dapat RM10 tu. Cari duit yang jarang kita dapat. RM5, RM20. Tapi kalau keluar duit dari bank, semua duit RM20 masuk la sekeping dua, jangan la masukkan semua. Sebab duit tu dari bank kan. HAHA. 

(b) 1st day = RM1, 2nd day = RM2 and so on
Yes, I did try this method for a month without skipped and of the days. Fuh cekalkan hati jiwa dan raga. How to do it? you need to follow the date. Just in case you started today on the 7th of December, you need to put in RM7 in your piggy bank. Then continue it tomorrow, on the 8th, which is RM8 for tomorrow and so on. Till 31st of December, which mean RM31 to put in your piggy bank. Which make you saved up RM496 in the 31 days. To be honest, it’s a bit hard at first to follow. I fail in the first month I tried, I skipped some day but still you able to save up at least RM150 which are okay la kan?

So these are the two methods that I used to save my money. Alhamdulillah. It works. Hope this helps you guys as well. Let me know if you have any different methods for me to give a try. I would love to. 

Thanks for reading.
Till Then. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

SeriesREV : How I Met Your Mother Series

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

To be honest, i did not start my world with this series like any regular people. At first, i did not know that this series even exist. I did know some of other series like F.r.i.e.n.d.s, but likely just let it linger in my head rather than i take my time to actually watch it. It all started when met a new friend from Indonesia, he is actually my senior in college. Me and my friend do hang out sometimes at his house and i've noticed that he keep on watching something. I did not know either it is a series or anything. then i realize that it is a series since everything are keep going on an on. Then one day, my eyes was hooked up with one episodes of "Robin Sparkles" in season 2.  I was completely sold. My next move are to figure out where can i get the first season.

Then the search stop for awhile. I'd remember that i just knew that my brother were following the same series and he keep downloading it. -- i've found it in his PC. HAHA so yea, i spend my whole day watching the series, and by what i know its already season 6. It's Ramadhan, i remember, my mom was calling me asking to stop watching the show and ask me to go find something to eat for fast break. It just brutal how i could spend my whole day without noticing that its almost 7pm that time.

I could relate with HIMYM, which it's weirdly fun. In a way. This is my favourite series of all time besides Big Bang Theory. I can;t really relate with F.r.i.e.n.d.s maybe because i've watch HIMYM first. idk. I can say that every episode in HIMYM inspires me. The only things that i don't really like is the final episode which is just heartbreaking. I can sure that it is not what everyone expected. No spoiler alert here, just in case you want to start watching it. I know it's already been awhile, and since this series has ended, i wonder if i'm able to enjoyed every bit of episode again. I bet you can. 

Here is the synopsis ;-
The series concerns the adventures of Ted Mosby and how he met the mother of his children. The story starts with the younger Mosby living in New York City and working as an architect; the narrative deals primarily with his best friends, including the long-lasting couple Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin ; the eccentric, womanizing-playboy Barney Stinson ; and news anchor Robin Scherbatsky. The series explores many storylines, including a "will they or won't they" relationship between Robin and each of the two single male characters, Marshall and Lily's relationship, and the ups and downs of the characters' careers.

The show's frame story depicts Ted verbally retelling the story to his son Luke and daughter Penny as they sit on the couch in the year 2030. This future-set frame is officially the show's "present day" and How I Met Your Mother exploits this framing device in numerous ways: to depict and re-depict events from multiple points of view; to set up jokes using quick and sometimes multiple flashbacks nested within the oral retelling; to substitute visual, verbal or aural euphemisms for activities Ted doesn't want to talk about with his children (sexual practices, use of illicit substances, vulgar language, etc.); and even to add some elements of humor: in the episode "How I Met Everyone Else", Ted describes his dates with a girlfriend whose name he has forgotten, leading all characters to act as though her given name were "Blah-Blah."

I enjoyed watching it over and over again. Want to watch it? Feel free to watch it on Iflix.com

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The month that i'm waiting for.

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Sometimes I took new month as one of the reason that I need to update my blog, make new entry, talk about something at least; Just to let people know that I'm still exists. Like previous month, I would love to said something on what did I expect in that month but unfortunately not for this month. Not much. Just to express some disappointment and maybe a little summary on the past month.

As you have noticed that for the past few days, living expenses has rise up and everything been mocked up and lots of people expressing their feeling towards all this. Yes indeed its hurt, but somehow I felt that there is something that we, or maybe me, myself need to slip and think what mistakes that have we done.

I sometimes think that maybe this is the way God telling us that we need to be patient. Yes indeed many said that, enough being patient. But are we really before? To be honest, one thing that I miss are my patience. I have low self-control for the past few months. Yesterday, I stood and try to be wise. I remembered my mom said that “somehow we just need to stop complaining and do something” – even we are not able to turn everything like how it use to be, maybe we could start with ourselves first. It is actually comes from an individual.

Why my mom said that to me you ask? – It is because I started complaining saying I might not able to survive in this pathetic world, cause people don’t care about people anymore, only money. Her reply is, “since when people started to care about people?” – nothing change, it just becoming worst because we let it be worst.

Sentap sekejap.

Maybe this has nothing to do with all the living expenses issues that had rise up so far in the starting point of the entry, because that is not my point at all. The only point is I need to stop complaining and started planning. I had enough people telling Bu*** -- “so are you gonna just let it be? We need to so something, or mana boleh biarkan, kita kene bantah” – you know what? I have no power and God knows what’s behind the curtains. Maybe I didn’t know, but just let me live my own life; just let US live our own life. It already getting hard, just don’t make it harder.

Till Then.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Giveaway for Our Lovely Girl by RianaLittleCuties

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Kakak comel ada buat giveaway lah.

(Click HERE to join)

Feel free to join in :)
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