Thursday, November 19, 2015

No! This is My Secret! - It's a Tag

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

I was tagged by Anys Nadhilah . Thanks love. – She left me and fly to India. :( HAHA
Anys if you read this, all the best okay. Be great and you can do it!

Guys seriously, i'm not sure if i already did this tag, but i've gotten different questions, so why not. HAHA This is super fun!

It’s a tag post and the rules are pretty simple:
You have to answer 11 questions by the blogger you were tagged by. Then when you’re done answering, you tag 10 bloggers of your choice to answer the questions you leave for them! -- No compulsion if you do not want to do it ya. Tiada paksaan :) This is just for fun! So i could get to know you better!

Here are Anys's interesting questions to me:

1. How long you have been blogging name?
If we talking the total year including the year before I stopped blogging, well 6 years and 5 months I guess. HAHA but to be honest, I didn’t consider that as the real years, maybe 1-2 years. After come back? 5 great months. :)

2. What's usually your favourite blogpost is about?
Yerr. I’m lost, if mean by what I love to read in blogspot. I would say DIY, Reviews and People daily life update. It just interesting.

3. What and who inspires you to blog?
HAHA I did mention this on my previous entry that Diana Nuzuin inspires me to write. If blogging, well I don’t know what’s make me think that I should start blogging back. It just happens.

4. Do you love make up? yes and why ? no and why?
I love make up. But I don’t do much. Why you ask? It just makes me happy to be honest. But not too happy. HAHA

5. Do you watch youtube? if yes, what video category you watch the most?
Youtube is my TV. It’s more recent than TV to be honest. I would love to see more on DIY, Swaps, haul, lifestyle and Storytime. Oh ya. And vlogs. Unique and interesting vlog.

6. Do you feel happy with your life ?
Yes indeed I feel happy with my life. You need to guys. That what’s make a great you.

7. How you are dealing with stress?
Okay. Before, I just step back from the world and be reserve for a while. But now I realize that GOD is there to help you. I’m not telling just into my religion. It applied to all. I also play with my cat or watch funny video just to make my self-bit relief.

8. Who is your idol crush ?
Hrm. Idol? Well if we are talking about crush. Johnny Depp! HAHAH

9. Who is your three most fav bloggers?
I have not discovered yet, it just been 5 months but I love to read everyone’s stories. Not being safe but seriously.

10. What is your fav toys to play with when you were a child?
Yet it is hard to believe, but yeah. BARBIE Haha

11. What is your fav subject in school?
English and History. Well, depends on the teachers who teach. HAHA

It is so fun listing a number of questions ; 
1. What is you favorite song at the moment?
2. The first thoughts when you knew me?
3. What is your favorite dessert to eat?
4. Favorite item of the month?
5. So, now what inspired you to blog?
6. What would you like to do when you’re bored?
7. Favorite movie of the month?
8. Describe yourself  - Choose one: (FUNNY, HONEST, SERIOUS, LOVING, )
9. Tell something that I don’t know about you. I would love to know! :)
10. Favorite color? And why?
11. Describes your sense of style.

The ten bloggers would be: (can I be random, I would love to know everyone)
1. Mr Fiercepaint, Hari!
2. Ms Malie Mania!
3. Ms Ika from unlimitedbeautysecret!
4. The Cute Budak Vanilla!
5. Ms Raihanah from bajuwarnacoklat!
6. Pretty yanieyusuf !
7. Lovely illyariffin !
8. Pretty Mommy sabbyprue!

9 and 10? – can I nominate anyone who would love to do this tag? I nominate you!

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 


  1. owemgee~
    thanks for tagging!
    gonna do this. wohoho :3

    1. Glad if you want to do this, hope is didn't take much of your time :)
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. hahaa tq tag kite! InShaaAllah nanti sy buat :)

    1. Thanks my dear, hope is didn't take much of your time :)
      thanks for stopping by! xx

  3. thank you for tagging me! idk yet if i will do it(ive been tagged before but havent done it either haha) but if i do i will definitely answer these questions hehe.

    1. It's okay Malie, no pressure. No compulsion if you do not want to do it ya. Tiada paksaan :) this is just for fun tho :) but thanks for stopping by!

  4. Please do not tag me but I have followed your blog! no 71...

  5. Replies
    1. Sama-sama, salam perkenalan :) No compulsion if you do not want to do it ya. sorry if i steal your time :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi aynal :) thank you for tagging me.. I try buat asap! this sounds so much fun hehe

    1. Hi Illy, no pressure. tiada paksaan. im really sorry if this taking so much of your time :( but yeah its fun! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. i dah buat! hehhehe esok live! dah schedule wee!

  7. Salam Aynal...akak tag awk kembali....selepas akak berada dlm punsingan yg kedua oleh Rhai....awk jawap dlm comment jelah...takkan nk buat entry lagi kan? kehkehkehke... ;-)
    happy to tag u back...hihihi

    1. hihi boleh je kakkk. Ada je yang tag saya balik but sokay. akan buat entry without tag. hihih. Thank you kak syg sudi tag balik :))))


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