Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Myself VS HIV?

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

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How are you guys doing? 
I've been busy with some stuff so far and it just brutal. Preparation to be done. In Shaa Allah, dipermudahkan. So, what's up with me and HIV? Fo you guys to know that, in any moment everyone with be facing the truth and we have to. Something insist us to take the test and it's compulsory. I bet you guys know the reason why semua orang akan ambil ujian HIV ni even sekali seumur hidup kan?

So today is my day. and my partner as well. 
we have lots of distraction onto decide when to do this test and since we both was so busy with work and travelling. At last, we have come with a decision to make it on yesterday, Monday. The journey are just, SubhanAllah. Just for you to know that i did not know to do this test needed us to make an appointment and it usually start at 2pm. YES - PM and not in the morning. 

However, i did some research with a help if mr google found out that we are able to actually walk into some of the health clinic (by the government) -- ONLY. So i'm grabbing every each phone num from JAWI website and call one by one. BUT

"Apa bijak aynal call hari sabtu, siapa je nak angkat sayang oiii" - Say me to myself.  

The next day which is yesterday, i tried to reach "Klinik Kesihatan Keramat" -- Bad. no one picks up the phone. so we decided to just went over the clinic. hahaha again -- BAD, the clinic was closed due to the construction nearby to avoid any health issue. so okay laaaa. Make sense. 

BUT, we did ask help from the nurse hang around the clinic. They recommend us to go to setapak's clinic instead. and again we called the clinic. YES we can walk in but there is one question that I didn't ask. --"ARE WE ABLE TO WALK IN NOW--?" an again bad for us. they only start doing the test at 2PM onwards. ahhh! Astagfirullah!

we stopped by and Bakal Zauj wanted to have some breakfast. So then, we were stuck. 

I did glance and sneak to do some other research and found one more place that able to walk in. Bakal Zauj pun give a call and ask much details. -- HAHA takut iols terlupa nak tanya itu ini la tu. HAHA

"ya en. boleh walk in."
"boleh walk in sekarang?"
"boleh en. tak ada masalah"
"ada apa-apa dokumen yang saya perlu bawa?"
"borang dari website jawi sahaja kalau awak dari KL"

---I guess the conversation based on his conversation. 

So off we go. we stop by one cyber cafe that opened, go on the website and print out the borang.

By the time we arrived, funny things! we attend ourselves into women's and children's clinic nearby (which its actually separated).

-- masuk dengan konfidennya. "Hi cik, pagi.. saya nak buat HIV test"
"kat depan ya, ini klinik wanita dan kanak-kanak"

dalam hati patut banyak baby HAHA "terima kasih ya kak -- *sengih"
So yeah. we able to actually made it thru after while search, and the staff are really friendly, despite that i was lied by my partner that they will just take a drop or my blood -- BUT NO. one tube since they need to make Talasemia test as well. I was bit pissed because i was scared! Apa je yang en partner buat? jeling and sengih. JAHAT! Tapi Alhamdulillah

Oh ya, where is the clinic?
Sure, i would love to share.

Klinik Kesihatan Hulu Kelang
JKR GB 0179, Jalan Datuk Abu Samah, 
Kg Pasir Hulu Kelang, 68000, Gombak, Selangor

Hope this help. 
Thanks for reading, Till Then.

Notes : we both are non reactive. Alhamdulillah :)


  1. thanks share !!!! huhuhu payah betul ek hihi <3

  2. Replies
    1. Amin. Terima Kasih sygg. Thanks Sudi singgah.
      Sama Sama hope this help! :)

  3. Or you could just donate blood... That's another way of doing a HIV test. When one donates blood, the blood is screened for HIV, and the hospital will get back to you if you do have HIV.


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