Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My September & October Favourites!

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

How are you guys doing? New video are up on youtube! It's my favourite's video. Haha just for the fact i have already film this video last two weeks and just got the chance to edit it. Padahal tak lama pun nak edit. sekejap je. Super busy :(

So What is my favourite? Well to be honest there a lot for me to wrap up everything that i like in last two month in one video. But yea, decided not to make it to long, i picked up the best of the best. kiranya lah HAHA what are they? 

1. Lash Gel Mascara | By Essence
2. Mosaic Compact Powder | By Essence
3  Nude Blush | By Essence
4. Brow Kit | By Daiso
5. Chu Lip Balm | By Chu Lip
6. BODY BUFF SCRUB | By Soap & Glory
7. Feet Balm | By Du 'It
8. Refreshing Drops | By Freshkon
9. Simple Skin Care Line
(Smooth Cleanser Scrub (Facial Scrub), Simple Purify Cleansing Lotion , Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel, Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, Simple Soothing Facial Toner, Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-On, Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream)

10. Virgin Coconut Oil | By NutroCoco
11. Star Wars Tumbler | By ToysRus

To know more on all of these favourites,  don't forget to click on below youtube link and watch my video! Hope you guys enjoy the video :) Thanks! Till Then.


  1. I love that Gel Mascara too!!!

    1. indeed i've noticed in one of your post. HAHA. great we love the same thing! xx


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