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Is It True? Segment : AHUIZOTI --The Five-Armed Dog

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Have you ever heard of it? AHUIZOTI, macam nama salah satu pulau kat hawaii pun ada. Just because it rhymes. HAHA

Since I'm currently exploring and learn preserving the diversity of life. I would like to have a segment for me to share weird creatures, things, information that we have never heard of but claimed to be exists. This is just for fun guys. – I would like to say that none of these are mean to influence, Or be influenced nor related with any religion. Islam is my religion and i know my limit. This is just for facts that I want to share something interesting. The content depends on the acceptance of individual readers. :) – Most of the content are taken by my personal collection of “The Big Bad Book of Beasts”

So what is this creature? -- "The ahuizotl (or ahuitzotl) is a legendary creature in Aztec belief." 

So Let’s make the facts fun shall we? Encik Christopher Columbus attempted to take inventory of all things found in the New World, including native animals. --Dia suka sangat benda-benda pelik, unik and mystical ni. As indicated by drawings of fantastical creatures adorning antique maps. So, During Columbus’s fourth Voyage in 1503, he happened to be stranded in Jamaica for more than a year. Kesian. 

Then here we go, He found a strange beast describes and known as “ King of the Lakes” or “Sun Dog” and locals called it an “Ahuizoti”, apparently named after a humanlike Aztec emperor Ahuizotl. Katanya.. As what have been described by Encik Columbus, Menatang ni  sebesar monyet dan kelihatan menyerupai anjing. It had five hands, with one growing from the end of its tail. Again i repeat.. ONE HAND AT END OF ITS TAIL! WOW. It claimed to be incredibly strong and according to Encik Columbus lagi, menatang ni pernah attack seekor Babi Hutan jantan besar (Jamaican wild boar) dengan rakusnya, and gunakan tangan dekat ekor dia untuk cekik babi hutan tu sampai mati. Bayangkan besar mana Jamaican wild boar tu dengan size anjing monyet ni. 

This beast was also cataloged in a book called the “Florentine Codex” written by a Franciscan monk between 1540 and 1585, yang menerangkan pelbagai aspek kehidupan Aztec. Menatang ni dikatakan hidup di dalam gua-gua lembap, sangatlah ganas dalam menjaga wilayah yang dia duduk. haa gitu. tak boleh dijajah la ni. The creature also been claimed lived in Mexico, in and around Lake Texcoco, but was also observed in Nicaragua. – By “TBBBOB”

Referring to “The Big, Bad Book of Beasts by Michael Largo” --It’s hard to imagine what this creature was, or the actual animal it was mistaken for, Walaupun banyak diterangkan di dalam rekod sejarah yang sah.. Menatang ni menjadi spekulasi yang mungkin sejenis menatang yang pupus, evil and fiendish monkey. Juga berkemungkinan sejenis memerang prasejarah yang hilang.. 

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Neverless, a creature with an extra hand on its tail certainly would have its advantages. Secara geografinya, Tasik Texcoco, sebelum ia dikeringkan dan diubahsuai untuk disesuaikan dengan keadaannya yang berdekatan dengan Bandar Raya Mexico, pernah tasik semula jadi ni merupakan satu tasik yang besar dihubungkan dengan lima tasik lain and all are more than 7,000 feet above sea level. During the period when different mammals developed, the region and these waters were isolated, not connected to the sea or any rivers, jadi secara teori boleh menimbulkan makhluk yang luar biasa; seperti yang dapat dilihat berkembangnya haiwan unik di Madagascar atau Kepulauan Galapagos.

---Not possible if you are stranded, alone and bored. You’ll start to imagine and hallucinating. HAHA no. joking. Not possible kan? Well, what you think?

Let me know if you guys like this segment and i would love to share more of these.
Thanks for reading! Till Then.

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