Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hey November, why appear to soon?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

va va va, Happy Diwali to everyone :)
#nowstaringat - can i say that i'm craving for donuts right now. Fuhh. dugaan. HAHA

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I've just noticed that November came so soon. It's like just a blink of an eye, (gitchew, macam lirik lagu) - November knocks the door. Hello there November :) I was super happy today but i don't know why. Do you believe that we able to make ourselves happy even tho you are facing tons of problem still you choose to be happy instead? I think that is what happened to me. I wish i could not want to get through to much or too details because i don't like doing that. 

Well, i will def post more tutorials, or DIY's or review soon :) and definitely my business that i'm currently working on. Everything goes smooth so far hopefully it will be launch soon. 

this is just a simple update for me to share with you. i'm hoping that every each of you have a really nice and amazing week! i wish you happy November HAHA :)

Thank for reading,
Till then!


  1. Thanks Aynal! Hope you had a good time during Deepavali..

  2. Tak sangka 2015 dah nak meninggalkan kita..
    November is my month.. hehehe


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