Thursday, November 26, 2015

AM's Monthly Preloved Gift & Sale?

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

[pree-luhvd] - the word origin/adjective that means "previously used or owned; secondhand."

I was just sitting nearby my deck and looking at my closet, behind my door, my shoe racks. I was wondering how on earth i came to this? Feeling regret and happy at the same time. Regret because of how packed the stuff is and Happy because of i manage to get what i want so far, with my own money. You know the feeling of joy looking at your achievement. Don't get me wrong guys. I do not telling this with an intention to show off to every each of you. No. That is not what i want to tell here. That is another story on how i be me now. Believe me i'm not rich, nor successful but Alhamdulillah so far i get what i want and I'm standing, still on going to survive. 

That is another story. Now i'm just wondering. If i could share all these with you guys? I did think of giving this item to any orphanage house, but i don't think the outfit are suitable. you know what i mean right? So i was thinking that maybe i could share with you guys instead. If you guys don't mind lah. Some of the outfit are not worn yet, just been used for 2-3 times and still in a good condition and maybe some of it does not fit me now. HAHA

So for this entry, i just wanted to ask you guys how far and what are the priority require for pre-loved item. (from clothes, shoes, and make up? maybe not lip products HAHA, eyeshadows maybe?) because i might want to sell some of it and want to actually give as a gift. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for reading!
Till then. :) 

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  1. Anda ditag di sini. Hehe. Sori ^_^


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