Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Star Wars fans! The force is strong and your prayers have been answered. Star Wars: The Force Awakens advance sales will be available from 16 November 2015 on-wards at TGV Cinemas. Mark your calendar and spread the news! Another the day to count. I can't wait! 

Most must be wondering when will the advance sales start? Well of course the Special Midnight Sales at 00:00hrs, 16 November 2015. These tickets will be available on website, mobile app, kiosks and selected cinemas: TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid, TGV Cinemas 1Utama, TGV Cinemas Wangsa Walk Mall and TGV Cinemas KLCC. -- for movie screening period on 17 December 2015 - 23 December 2015.

Note: Special midnight sales at the selected cinemas will operate between 12am to 1am only. Extension of purchase hour will be strictly subject to customer demand and other circumstances.

So, I am a MovieClub member. Well, MovieClub members can earn MovieMoney. So sign up now guys! BUT suggesting if the website slows down due to congestion, strongly recommend you to purchase via TGV Mobile App. BUT WAIT!!!

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Star Wars in TGV Cinemas

1. SWTFA was shot with a 35mm and 65mm IMAX format. With that kind of pipeline, more reason to enjoy higher resolution on the big screen such as IMAX.

2. Feeling Chew’wy? Enjoy TGV’s indulge theatres wholesome meals while watching X-wings and Tie fighters flying across your very eyes!

3. Looking for more reasons to watch SWTFA on IMAX? Pre-sold ticket records in the UK broke $6.5Million IMAX ticket sales on a single day, IMAX has never registered more than $1Million in pre-sales on a single day. 

4. Watch SWTFA at TGV Cinemas and you will stand a chance to win Star Wars Themed London Trip, powered by Maybank IMAX

5. And if you’re the type that enjoys the comfortability of watching movies on a beanie, TGV Beanie Hall will ensure you sit so darn well and comfortable that you are most likely enjoying the same cushion as the Sith Lord’s throne.

Join for the count down on their website! More details visit HERE.
May the force be with you. 


  1. another OMG!!!!
    another childhood favorite movie T^T

    1. Indeed it is, i tried last night to booked my tickets but the system down since it was too busy. HAHA Thanks for stepping by dear xx

  2. Kurang minat citer nie.. Masa kanak-kanak dulu suka la.. hehehe


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