Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wohoo! I'm Back!

Hey hi hello guys!

Simple update. So Check out my new video on youtube!
It's funny tho cause this is my first attempt doing make up video. Just figured why not share it with you guys ait? I'm not a beauty guru guys, so i might messed up my own make up as well. HAHA feel free do watch it and let me know what you think. and also if you guys have any tips and trick just in case i had this kind of last minute night event. feel free to share it with me. i would love to know and it would really made my day! 

And also this! This is a Vlog i'm going on my best friend wedding receptions. Just a simple one to share with you guys. Will uploading more videos and Favourites video will be coming up!

Thanks for watching!
Till Then.


  1. Done! And liked your videos too! :D

    1. aww thanks Hari! thanks for your support!! and thanks for watching!!! xx


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