Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Target Acquired!

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

I need to keep update my blog frequently i must say. Let's aim, One entry everyday, at least!

So guys, day past by, and i was thinking that it's almost end of the year. Reaching 2016. Already been a wonderful year and we had already been in the new year in Islam. Then a question pops up in my mind - "what do you earn this year?", "do you get what you target this year?", "if not, yet you are getting closer right?" - Too much pressure i must said. 

I believe, every year, everyone must be thinking to at least achieve one thing. But for me. i did not wish anything to be achieved in 2015 to be honest. I thought that why not i give a chance for myself to actually follow the flow. Work, love, family and friends. I was thinking to get married, or at least engaged this year (not what i hope to achieve, just a thought), unfortunately this is not yet the year to end my single life. 

The past may not be sweet enough but keep stirring and add more sugar in it, so you could forgotten how sour it is. By then i thought that i should not hope. Then came someone in my life remind me to have courage and believe in fate. Allah always knows what best for you. 

SO now, I'm thinking that i should have target. In term of things and life. Not to early to set up anything i guess.

Let's not waste more time shall we? Let's talk about things first. 

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1. iPhone 6s
To be honest guys, I have never aimed myself to buy any new upcoming gadgets before. It’s rather I just use what I have right now that at least able for me to call, text and whatsapp. Old people huh? No. It's just, I have never thought myself willingly to spend few thousand just for a phone? That is what I felt. Because I think that I have more things to pay, more things to do, just in case of emergency like what had happened last few years. So I thought that I should be prepared. We always have to ait? But now, I guess this should be a present for myself. I’m saving for this and keep on savings for other things as well. 

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2. Brand new car (by name and not just by my money)
Okay. HAHA this is funny for you guys to know that in my age, I supposed that I had already get my license. Well. I’m getting it now. Driving without license? biasalah tu. Wish me luck okay guys. Manuals are just something that I’m not used to. Even I’m going to get my car in auto. I’m getting another one with my name not just by my money. Yass! I am looking at a regular car. Not to high end. Comforting myself to chill with the urge of showing off aynal. U need more money than what you think. Semua ni rezeki Allah. Ingat. Bila-bila dia boleh tarik balik. Bersederhana. Targeting to have this by next year Q1 & Q2. Amin..

Let's move to - what i want to achieve for myself.

3. Stay true on who you are, and change - but change for goods. 
“You’ve change” the hallowed verse that whenever we heard it on someone else facing you automatically, one thought came up which “Am I a bad person?” – If people told me that i've change. this is my first thought. Only 10% of us take it as a compliments. Well it actually depends on how the conversational tone. Once, someone told me to practice myself and mind to think positive and bersangka baik. Yes people change and it's good when everyone noticed it. Believe that progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. I want to change. But change for goods. Who doesn’t want to change for goods right? I want to get closer to Allah SWT. Closer to my family. Closer to myself. That is what I want. I tell myself this every year but yet. So Aynal talk less and do more. 

4. New Job or New Salary. 
I’m honored having an experience working here in the company that I currently working for. But I need to upgrade myself either by looking for a new job, maintaining my carier on what i'm doing right now. or else if you know what I mean. Passion towards creative and developing more ideas are what I’m into right now. I hope I’m able to achieve this before next year or early Q1 next year. HAHA Amin..

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5. Engaged
In preparation to be honest, thinking to not having it big. Ceremony with family and close friends. Nikah nanti in shaa Allah jemput semua. We both targeting soon. Doa yang baik-baik ya. Doakan semuanya berjalan dengan lancar :) Amin..

This is the 5 things that I’m targeting anytime this year and next year. I shall share with you guys the journey if you want, let me know! Also let me know if you have anything similar for you to achieve as well. Would love to know moreee!

Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 


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