Thursday, October 22, 2015

SOCIAL STUDY | Who loves TV?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

This new segment in my blog that I would like to do just to know what you guys think best and what is bad. I’m not doing any type of political social study since this is just for fun and part of how I would like to do a research.

I'm a research junkie. It actually helps my self to know more about something we less talked about.

Out of topics,
I just realize that I need to blogwalkin often, I have missed most of the entry which is soooo BAD! I should be apart of blogger society and I usually missed it. I did favorites some entry on giveaway but then I missed the due date. Which I always miscalculated when it ends.. Soo annoyinggg! Ingat habis 27 hrbulan rupanya 17 hrbulan. Typical Aynal.

Back to the topic,
I’ve been sinking and keep thinking that we are about to go out from our comfort zone. Here, I’m not talking about anyone but myself. Let me know if you guys have the same thought.

What I meant is. Whenever I see or do research on what is trend right now to produce any idea. I believe and always thought that we are ready to accept any controversial, hidden agenda, spoof type of show. Nak mudah kan. Pernah tengok tv show macam Big Brother, Kim kardashian’s drama lebih kurang macam tu. When any tv show try to make it, they have to have humour as in to cover up sebab kalau perasan any spoof or parody, mesti kene relate dengan humour. So, to make it less evil or less cruel.

I believe, in Television world, our minds are the most difficult mind to be 'influence'. Am I right? It might be questionable tapi that is the truth so far in my observation.

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Sepanjang 4 tahun berkecimpung dalam dunia produksi and content. Everytime came an idea in any tv show with new genre, try getting out from the comfort zone. It failed! Contoh, Kim Kardashian attempts type of reality show. Media Prima did one show, assume that it’s not talked about and now Astro are doing it with the Maembong’s siblings called “The House” Belum start lagi orang dah Critics. HAHA Let sees how it goes. Hope this gone great.

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Fantasy movie? Rasa-rasa kita boleh buat? Something like Harry Potter? What you guys think? One thing that I often realize that whenever I saw this type of movie, I always critics the CGI tak menjadi lah, entah pape lah cerita ni. Sebab we choose to see real thing. Which is what most of the international movie done it and it works well.. Kita dah dekat-dekat dengan taraf international, which when I saw “Polis Evo” I said not bad. Seriously, not bad at all.

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So guys. Would like to take this opportunity to know what you want to want to see on your television screen. What could be accepted and what could not. Jom kita Vote!

If TV Station want to try on new TV Genre, Which is more suit with Malaysian Viewers?

Kim Kardashian type of reality show
Investigation on Crime type of drama
Fantasy type of drama
Running man type of game show
How i met your mother type of sitcom
Parody/spoof Telemovie
Please Specify:

So Guys, Thanks for voting and Thanks for reading!
Let me know what you guys think!

Till Then.


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