Wednesday, October 28, 2015

REVIEW | Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Sharper

Hey Hi Hello guys,

I’m a type of person who very particular about my brow. I would rather go out without make up or eyeliner but making my eyebrow is a must. That is what happened when you don’t have a perfect brow then HAHA well in my case,

I have purchased this at their 100th Anniversary. So far? Well this is my honest opinion.

I would like to have something that so far easy for me and convenient. Since it a pencil, this is a yes for me cause I can just slip the in my bag then I’m good to go.

It has two applicator which the pencil part and the powder part. For the pencil part, the tips are soft however, to soft for me as u need to really applied it softly rather than keep breaking it till the end. I assume that I’m harsh user so that is why the tip keeps breaking. It didn’t actually glides smoothly on my brows. So in other way around I actually need to spend more time to make it work for me. If I’m rushing to somewhere, this applicator is not useful for me. I usually use the powder brow kit cause its easy for me to fill in.

Coming back to the powder applicator. It supposes to work as smudger which blending the lines to help the line appear soft and looks natural. Rather than leaving sketchy strokes that resemble small hairs or leave solid lines. I find this is useful perhaps I actually use the powder applicator more than the pencil part to be honest.

Lets make it this way.
Rushing, work, late = No for Brow Duo Sharper
Layback, big event that require heavy make up – Yes for Brow Duo Sharper

For me the final look are great but for a person like me, I need more time to actually sit down and focused on the pencil (tip) part, kalau tak.. asik patah je. Kene guna pelan-pelan. HAHA

Pigment & Texture.
To be honest, I like how it is less pigment which you will never afraid that you might be overboard on doing your brows. Well even myself have the same problem. You can always fix it with the powder applicator. The texture, to dry for me which is I don’t really like it cause it glides smoothly on my brows.

I don’t want to say that this product is a disappointment cause I can always work with the product the other way around. But still this is my humble opinion that may not be the best but hoping that it help. :) Oh ya! You can always get this at any Watson, Guardian nearby with retail at RM29.90.

Thanks for reading!

Till Then.

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