Wednesday, October 21, 2015

REVIEW | Garnier Sakura White (Radiance ke?)

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

Hmm Garnier facial wash. This is my honest opinion. Here we go.
It’s bad.

Bad for me.

I have been wanting to do this review but decided to hold it for while. Let’s read my story. I have been introduced to this product a while ago, it's been commercialize and of course I’m tempted to give it a try. Just for you to know that this is before I started using SIMPLE as My New Skin careRoutine 

Long story short. I bought this facial wash and give it a try. Not working for me guys. Like seriously. How not work? It gives me a damn pimple. Aaah! Then I stopped using it. I started googled it and see others review on this product. That is my honest mistakes. I didn't look at the review first before i purchased it. Seems like most of the reviews are great and not too bad, only the fact of the substance and how much foam that this product made – well for me I don’t care.

Oh ya! Just to let you know that this is not ay sponsored entry or advertising.

After seeing the reviews. I thought why not I give it a second try. I still have some product in the tube during that time but yet feeling maybe I should bought new one.

So, again.

It really didn’t work well on my skin. I’m not sure why or how or WHY! HAHA
It gives me a damn pimple again. Am i crazy if I said that if I’m using it at night, before going to bed, I got it right away in the morning. SURPRISE! Here a cute pinkish pimple for you aynal. Have a nice day!

Grrr I’m so disappointed. Seriously.

Other than that, the product smells good. I definitely can’t remember what it smells like but might be obvious that it’s the smell of Sakura. The product forms enough foam for you to wash your face thoroughly, which I quite like. I have read online if I’m not mistaken, the stronger the product smell, and the more chemical that they used? Is that right? Hopefully not this product I hope. Or else then I know what makes my skin becoming worst.

I would not recommend this product but hey! No harm to give it a try. Maybe it works well on your skin. Just, if it gives you hard time and surprise pimple as well. Please do not give this product a second chance. I’ve been there. They will never change their formula though. It going to gives you the same result. Till now I’m feeling doubtful to try any of their products, but maybe just this one that is not working, so don’t hate it all. HAHA

Hope you guys enjoy this review and hey! It’s just my opinion.
Thanks for reading!

Till then.


  1. I don't know why but I always stay away from anything that says white or whitening...

    1. Haha for this case, you should Hari. HAHA thanks fr reading!


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