Friday, October 2, 2015

October whispered Hello!

Hey hi hello guy!

To be honest. its 1:56AM in the morning by the time i typed this entry while watching "Another Week In My Life!" by Trisha Paytas on Youtube. Yes i followed her on youtube. I just love her personalities and bravery which she do not care what people thinks about her. BUT ANYWAY. i would like to say hello OCTOBER. Welcome. 

I took a glance on a side while typing this entry. Theres a pile of books by my side and no joke. I need to stop buying books for now and started finishing all of these books. It's a homework for me. haih. How can this not happened when i bought at least 3 books every month. and have myself spend at least RM100+ for books. So myself, you should stop for now. HAHA

So here you are. Okay first before we got into the books. I shall share what i feels last month. The way i said it looks like bad things happen isnt? Naaah. 

Last month was brutal for me. My work keep slapping me just to let me know that i need to keep focus. My laptop, my cat died, no video on youtube, less update on blog, life decisions, wedding preparation and etc. September, you make me realise that life goes on when i'm about to look back and keep dreaming. I rarely talks about month before and now because every month are about the same for me. but dear September, the month that i have everything up and down (mentally and physically).

Dear October, i do not need you to be nice to me but just telling you that i can't wait to know what type of journey that i'm about to face with you in 2015. and be nice to everyone else. ahaha

FYI guys, I'm about to start a business which i plan with my future. On progress. 
wish me luck.

Thanks for reading,
Till Then.


  1. bisnes apa tuuu.. nak jadi partnership. hehe
    btw may Allah ease your journey !

    1. awww thanks dear. Amin... Businessss tungguuuu! HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Good luck with your business! October will be good!!! :)

  3. all the best aynal M, was here :)

  4. Omg banyaknya buku! just curious, do you have a fav genre or do you like to read a bit of everything? mine would be dystopian! macam budak2 pulak rasa.. ;P my goodreads challenge tahun ni confirm2 fail. Hahaha

    1. Hi Iera, I have my current fav genre now which is Horror. HAHA but to be honest. saya suka baca cerita seram walaupun sebenarnya takut tapi acah acah berani jugak. HAHA I did try to get my heart into dystopian's genre. unfortunately. but maybe you could suggest me a tittle? would love to try. HAHA

      Thanks iera for reading this!


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