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MovieREV: The Intern (2015) - Success Woman is a "Sin"?

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I’m the type of person who love to watch scary movies but afraid to look at it. I’m the type of person who hates love stories but love to cry over it. Yes. I’m that type of person. Monday was a really unpleasant day for me. I had a major headache probably because of the stupid haze. I couldn’t get my head up. Vomit a couple times. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. *Sigh

But then passed 12pm on Monday. I feel bored. It seems that my job had conquer me and possessed to not able to stayed home even a bit. I decided to have my time alone yesterday at KLCC. Ahh! Since it’s been awhile I haven’t get myself to watch movies. "Why not today: - i think

It takes awhile though to decide which movies to watch. "The Martian" sounds good but the show time were to late for me and I don’t to go out to long with this kind of weather. No! Major headache are just annoying. So then, you can see how I decided to watch Intern.

Funny. I watched the trailer whilst queuing up to buy the ticket just to make sure that it worth my money. What is this movie all about? 

The Intern.    

Starting a new job can be a difficult challenge, especially if you're already retired. Looking to get back into the game, 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) seizes the opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site. Ben soon becomes popular with his younger co-workers, including Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the boss and founder of the company. Whittaker's charm, wisdom and sense of humor help him develop a special bond and growing friendship with Jules.

Director: Nancy Meyers
MPAA rating: PG-13
Production companies: Warner Bros., Waverly Films

What I Think:

Nancy Meyers are back in action. The show started with a calm and funny exposition in my opinion by introducing Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro). His background. How it started sees an opportunity to become an intern, a senior intern I may say which I think personally good idea though. HAHA I like how Nancy Meyers craft it to be simple for the viewers. What I can see from most of her movies It’s Complicated, The Holiday etc. it’s her way.

To be honest, the movie had got me realize something which i can strangely relate with every single plot line except the fact to built up a fashion company.

The momentum of the movie is not as much to compared with big movies. Every movies plot reacts to someone who can relate with the situation. A married woman who chasing her dream with a growing business, facing her life, family and works at the same time. I felt “the intern” is a great movie to give you examples. Maybe I’m not directly in the situation but what I am now can definitely built up to the same situation and drama.

I also love how the characters are based on honesty. They did not been burdened with unrealistic situation. For example, When Jules feels that Ben is to observant making her uncomfortable. When she feels that wanted to share everything to Ben yet she also feels she not supposed to. The story phase is slow yet demanding.  For some it might not given such impact when you watched and you can’t relate to it.

Ben had remind me on someone appeared in my life which is my former creative director which is also my bos, Mr Jonathan (Last name are private). I called him Sir, he did mention, bit weird to be called sir but he let me. I’m thankful that get this opportunity to work with him for the past 2 years and gain lot more experience. Why I can see Ben in Mr Jonathan? Concerned. That is his attitude. We can talk to him, as a bos and stranger about anything, what we feel towards life, I mean anything.

I do not want to proceed with any spoilers but I would rate this movie 3.8 maybe 4? HAHA if you are  a married woman, had a growing business, please watch this movie.

Thank you for reading!

Till then.

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