Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm Sorry Sephora! Launch of 3CE @ SNS

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

I bit sad well to be honest. Supposedly attend this event unfortunately. Got other things on emergency. I'm sorry sending RSVP and receiving the confirmation but didn't attend. Emergency button activated. Ahh! my legs are killing me right now. Walking non stop for the whole day today. I can't feel my legs!

Wish could able to meet Beautiful Celeb Blogger, Park Sora tho. unfortunately. *sigh. But nevermind maybe next time. Anyone goes to this event as well? Please share your experience. looking forward to see what's new from 3CE. So i shall try it and make a review!

Notes : SNS = Sephora Nu Sentral (haha sorry too long to include in the title!)

Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 


  1. Lucky you. Tapi, siapa boleh jangka bila kecemasan nak datang kan?

    1. alah no lah. i guess everyone with black card get this invi. Yeapp. unfortunately :(


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