Thursday, October 1, 2015

IKEA now ready to move in to Cheras?

Hey, Hi, Hello Guys. 

What? What? What?
Ikea are now ready to move in to Cheras? Wohoooo!

“Scheduled for opening by the end of 2015, IKEA Cheras awaits the potential to activate a vibrant shopping destination in Cheras while adding to a livelier retail sector as we continue to provide Swedish home furnishings that are well-designed, functional and good quality to more customers” - Source 

I just got back and have a chat with my colleagues that i needed another book shelves and thinking that IKEA are to farrr and the traffic. Aiyoyoyo. Saying that i willingly put aside all the books for now yet thinking that i just bought 3 new books, i believe that i should find it ASAP! Then looking at IKEA website i just saw that IKEA opening new by end of 2015. HAH! Terus nak pengsan. HAHA

Senang lah lepas ni nak kesana nak shopping barang bilik. Don't really have to consider that i should not buy this and that when i actually need it when thinking the space in my car. Yes! 


IKEA Malaysia announced that its new store in Cheras is expected to create over 300 job opportunities. This marks the biggest IKEA recruitment exercise in the country. Located at Jalan Cochrane, IKEA Cheras is set to accommodate various full-time and part-time positions across departments including sales, food and beverage, customer relations, logistics, and more. - “IKEA Cheras is part of our overall ambition to expand in Southeast Asia. Having a diverse team is the foundation to prepare for a successful opening and ensure that our store runs smoothly. It is an exciting opportunity to welcome fellow Malaysians who share the same passion towards creating a better everyday life for the many people,” - Source 

So Guys. What else? I love the fact that this will be the biggest IKEA store in Malaysia. Wo hoo again! Public Transport eventho thinking that nothing different with the traffic when IKEA coming down in Cheras. Memang jem jugak. but see, you have an option to go with Public Trans. HAHA but the things is MRT in 2017 HAHA. alaaah. Takpee. if sanggup pergi IKEA Damansara. mesti sanggup nak pergi IKEA Cheras. Ececeh!

You can't wait. I can't wait too! HAHA 
So see you very soon IKEA CHERAS!

Thanks for Reading!
Till Then.


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