Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Did it again. Sigh*

Hey hi Hello guys. 

Yes. i did it again. i have no intention to do it but seems like "they" keep calling my names. I was drawn to grab "them" move around to see what it would like to be in this kind of "heaven". but then i'm lost. lost in the "ocean". Lost in the sound of the greatness. I can't help it but to keep moving to the place that i need to. And accept the fact that "they're" soon mine. i can't help it and just squeeze it to my chest and keep it away from others. 

And at last. I have owned it. 

Damn it guys. I went out with my fav girls, my neighbours. I did wanted to bought just one. not two neither three. But mann. one of my girl said that "Fiksyen 302" was the best. Ramlee Awang Murshid novels never disappoint any of his readers. I've never read his "art" yet now i will. My buddy said that he is the Malaysian Stephen King. Well, will see. Because Stephen king did disappoint me cause i don't like Mr. Mercedes and Christine. I wanted to try read Ramlee Awang Murshid's novel then will be giving reviews soon. 

And another two books? okay. Before that. I would like to tell you guys that. I'm the type of person who love Horror movies, but afraid to watch it. Is that make any sense? I did mentioned this fact million times. HAHA okay not millions. over exaggerate la aynal ni . HAHA

But yes. That is the fact. But for books. I love it. I've read stephen king's art, i've read Tungku Halim's attempt and what i believe is. We are malay. Nothing can beat reading ay malay Horror stories rather than reading in in english language. i do understand. but it always sound scariER if its in Malay. Is that make any sense to you guys? For me yes. I get the great horror and easily scared when i read in Malay language. I'm Malay. Not so weird. HAHA

So guys. i did it again, wish can add it like Britney's title, "Ops! i did it again" 
Okay. Promise. i will stop. buying books. Will only buy it. Next year. PROMISE. 

Thanks for reading!
Love! Till Then. 


  1. Not brave enough to read that kind of book. Huhu. Btw, enjoy your reading!

    1. you should try sometimes. i feel the same way too once, and trying to read these type of books during the day rather at night. it was actually fun! hihi.

      Thanks for reading syaza!


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