Monday, October 5, 2015

"Allergic" to perfume? Is it Bad?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

Haa? who has perfume allergy? naah not me.
HAHA actually that is the other word calling that 'i can't smell a good and great perfume which then i'm gonna fall for it instant'. 

So today's entry i would like to share on what is 5 of my favourites perfume/scents evah. for now. I spend my time sniffing every each of the perfume at Sephora tho. every each perfume at Bath and Body Works, not to forget Victoria Secrets. So i know what smells good for me and what not, well not precise. But careful guys, these perfumes are 'deadly'. refuse to fall for it or else you will end up like me. Buying perfume is just not good guys. not good.

Okay let's start with No.5

5. Pure Seduction from Victoria Secret

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TBH, i just started to fall with this scents like a month ago. i haven't spend much on VS mist because the smell are to familiar. It smells good but i like to smell something different then the other which why it takes bit time for me to have one. I went to VS last month and being honest with their sales person saying that i have never spend on their Fragrance Mist. Then comes weird face from them with an awkward smile. HAHA 

Why pure seduction then? well, the smells are great, strong yet sexy. It's great to spray it at night when you are about to go to sleep. It gives me calm, yet strong smell which i like. Same goes with the candle that i burn in my room has about the same scents as pure seduction. Since i've always fall asleep after burning my candle i refuse to burn it for a while but missing the great calm, strong scent in my room. That is why. 

4. Pure Paradise from Bath and Body Works

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Ahhh another Pure of mist. Which is my ultimate favourite for body Mist. Unfortunately it has discontinued for awhile maybe forever. i still have some in the bottle but did not know how long it could lasted. Guys, It smells divine! It smells very light and tropical, with hints of citrus and slightly floral too. 

According to the bottle this has top notes of fresh star fruit, juicy guava and dewy cassis; mid-tone notes of luscious gardenia, frangipani and watery lily; and dry notes of white musk, blond woods and sun-kissed coconut. Well, TBH can't really detect the Coconut in any stage of the scents but still it has greattt catch which i've got lots of compliment when i spray it. I usually spray this when i go to the office an consider this had been discontinued, i rarely spray it just to save it. HAHA

3. Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani 

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Yes. It is the essence of joy. I would like to said that this is fresh, aquatic fragrance, whose name means, "water of joy," captures the simple happiness one can experience at this extraordinary destination. I wore this when i'm about to go to on ground shoot.

Why? I love it because it stay long enough for 12 hours, and maybe this is a bit weird to say but, whenever i sweat the smell of this perfume became stronger. HAHA sorry if you think that it's disgusting but i'm being honest here. It stays and make myself feeling better so i don't have to worry if i smell bad after work. You know, production shoot can came cross and go on to 22 hours long. Spray it twice in one day you are good to go!

2. J'adore by Dior

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J'adore has few type of it same as the Acqua Di gioia. but well i'm not sure which is which but i just recently fall for this scents just like the pure seduction. A month while. I actually like the type of scents which are strong, yet bit soff, jasmine and musk, i don't know how to describe it but yes. that kind of smell. So J'adore are included in this type of smell and i would like to add Olympea by Paco Rabanne, It's the new and latest scents which surprisingly, i'm in love with. Olympea also had about the same style of concentrations as J'adore.

I started noticed it when i came in to Sephora, try to spray it and fell for it right away. My colleague knows what type of scents that i like. However, i haven't bought this perfume because i'm broke for now. need to save and maybe next time.

And what is my ultimate favourite perfume?
Here we go.

1. Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

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If you are a lover of fruity gourmands, can appreciate the charms of sweet feminine perfumes and are searching for something a tad different, loves panna cotta, an Italian desert, Signorina should be on your to try list. I love this perfume so much. It has the same range of scents like J'adore and Olympea. not the same as in same scents. Don't get me wrong. Same range as in how tense, strong, and glorious the smell are which makes it my favourite !

Worn on every single events, especially big events. Stay longer than you thought even after you had your shower, and you can still sense bit of the perfume on your wrist. No joke guys. try it. I started fall for this scents when one of my colleagues used it. straight asked her what is the perfume and she told me. HAHA been saving month to get it and now are my 3rd bottle, that is how much i like it. Kalau hantaran pun nak letak perfume ni jugak! HAHA

So guys. that is my top 5 favourite scents so far. let me know if one of these are your favourite as well! and if you have any new great perfume. feel free to let me know!!!!

Thanks for reading.
Till then.


  1. Mom had the VS Pure Seduction because my brother had contacts with people who were bringing the product from Singapore before VS cosmetics was even in Malaysia. I must say, it is quite delicious!

    By the way, thanks for the shoutout on YouTube! I watched the video only yesterday. :P Was so nice seeing you guys doing more collabs together. :)


    1. I know right, only love pure seduction tho TBH. HAHAAH thanks Hari for watching the vid. hee. and thanks for reading.

  2. The only expensive perfume I've ever bought is the DKNY Red Apple. Hahahaha. Other than that they're mostly from Avon. I'm a person who spends more on makeup, hence the reason why I don't spend on perfume XD but I think I kinda like Burberry as well. Hahaha.

    Hana Blurbs

    1. haha i see, same me as well actually, rather spend for make up than perfume. i bought most of my perfume and i stayed maybe 2-3 months? to repurchased it takes around 2 month? for me to think. HAHA Thanks for reading syazaaa.

  3. Pure Seduction is heaven! Love it. I also like Such A Flirt by VS. Kalau high end I like Anna Sui Flight of Fancy!

    ieyra h. | blog


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