Wednesday, October 28, 2015

REVIEW | Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Sharper

Hey Hi Hello guys,

I’m a type of person who very particular about my brow. I would rather go out without make up or eyeliner but making my eyebrow is a must. That is what happened when you don’t have a perfect brow then HAHA well in my case,

I have purchased this at their 100th Anniversary. So far? Well this is my honest opinion.

I would like to have something that so far easy for me and convenient. Since it a pencil, this is a yes for me cause I can just slip the in my bag then I’m good to go.

It has two applicator which the pencil part and the powder part. For the pencil part, the tips are soft however, to soft for me as u need to really applied it softly rather than keep breaking it till the end. I assume that I’m harsh user so that is why the tip keeps breaking. It didn’t actually glides smoothly on my brows. So in other way around I actually need to spend more time to make it work for me. If I’m rushing to somewhere, this applicator is not useful for me. I usually use the powder brow kit cause its easy for me to fill in.

Coming back to the powder applicator. It supposes to work as smudger which blending the lines to help the line appear soft and looks natural. Rather than leaving sketchy strokes that resemble small hairs or leave solid lines. I find this is useful perhaps I actually use the powder applicator more than the pencil part to be honest.

Lets make it this way.
Rushing, work, late = No for Brow Duo Sharper
Layback, big event that require heavy make up – Yes for Brow Duo Sharper

For me the final look are great but for a person like me, I need more time to actually sit down and focused on the pencil (tip) part, kalau tak.. asik patah je. Kene guna pelan-pelan. HAHA

Pigment & Texture.
To be honest, I like how it is less pigment which you will never afraid that you might be overboard on doing your brows. Well even myself have the same problem. You can always fix it with the powder applicator. The texture, to dry for me which is I don’t really like it cause it glides smoothly on my brows.

I don’t want to say that this product is a disappointment cause I can always work with the product the other way around. But still this is my humble opinion that may not be the best but hoping that it help. :) Oh ya! You can always get this at any Watson, Guardian nearby with retail at RM29.90.

Thanks for reading!

Till Then.

Monday, October 26, 2015

IFlix | Who want FREE Movies for a MONTH?

Hey Hi Hello Guys

Ever wondered, what you should you do when you are bored? 
Hoping that you able to find a website that serve you lots of catching goodies for your eyes to watch? From your favourite movies, to your favourite TV series? 

Hey! let's welcome the IFlix, which "BEING ENTERTAINED SHOULD BE AS EASY AS PRESSING A BUTTON" Ahha! Yes! i best everyone are quite familiar with Netflix and other free movies website. but Iflix are not bad at all guys. I have been introduced to them since the first day they launch and yeah talking about business which - that is the other story. 

Imagine being able to access a crazy huge selection of your favourite shows, THOUSANDS of hours of TV and movies from all over the globe. Shows from Hollywood and Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai, Thailand and Tokyo… And imagine being able to watch it whenever you want, wherever you want, 24/7 on your phone, laptop, tablet, TV.. whatever. And all for a price that you cannot resist. - This is totally comes from the website HAHA

But wait a minute! Who is Iflix?
iflix is a partnership between disruptive local entrepreneurs and Hollywood heavyweights. Catcha Group and Evolution Media Capital have joined together to change the way you consume your entertainment. And this time, it's gonna be on your terms.

Let get enough with all the complicated things and start with what is the most exciting things that you could find on Iflix. From the start, i wanted to see what is the interesting part that they claim to be, well. lots. You could able to find yourself pretty much a great movies to fill in your lonely life. HAHA joke. but seriously. this are not just focused on international movie, Malaysian movie of course, till your favourite Malaysian TV Series, 

So for now, they have 30 days trial for you to give it a try and enjoy all the movies that they have. not half ways guys. FULL! FREE FOR 30 Days! what are you waiting for. sign up now and if you are satisfied with everything. Shall you proceed to subscribe monthly for on RM8. 

What are you waiting for. Grab this opportunity!
hey, don't be shy. who doesn't like free stuff..derrrr. Visit Iflix Now!

Thanks for reading!
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Empties Product | Green light to Shop!?

Hey, Hi Hello Guys!

Empties product video are up!!
Just wanna share with you guys what products that i have used up for the past 2 months. Hihi. Not all product that i like, there are some that i love so much and some that i will not repurchase. It's just a video me sharing with you guys my thought on these empties.

So is this a green light for me to actually go shopping? HAHA no aynal no! you should not do that. Ingat azam baru. hihi. Hope you guys enjoy watching this video! Let me know what you think if you have used some of these product as well!


Thanks for reading & watching!
Till Then.

Segmen | Jom Tambah Follower?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

Nak tambah follower? jum join segmen ni :)
Jum ramai memeriahkan segmen ni! Nak tambah kawan kawan :)

Follower : 65

Till Then.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Awat Hang Tulih Berabih Spekeng London?

Hei hai helo kengkawangg,

(Image Source)

Ramai kawan dok tanya “awat hang asik tulih bahasa inggeris je dalam hang punya blog, hang kan orang melayu, martabatkanlah bahasa ibunda.”

Okay untuk topik kali ni, cheq nak tulih dalam bahasa melayu nak cerita sikit latar belakang diri cheq dlam dunia blogging pastuh gtau hangpa awatnya cheq dok siboq perabih otak speaking London.

Mulanya dulu masa kita start blogging dulu. Rasa tahun 2005, time tu dok siboq perabih pitih mak aboh. Tapi seingat masa tu tak berapa pandai guna computer, tau on, off patuh bukak intenet. Untuk guna sepenuhnya and amati keperluan internet tuh memang tak tau la mak jemah. Tau buka mespesssss je. Cam tak dk keje lain.

Nak cakap masa tu input and output yang kita tulih dalam blog pun, hampeh. Kalau baca balik rasa nak hempuk muka dekat batu pun ada sebab rasa macam diri ni bodoh dan bodoh sangat. Entry yang langsung tak matang! Maleh aih nak masuk hat tang tu. Maluuuuuu! haha

Eh belom habis ag. 

Pastuh lepas 3 tahun berkecimpung dalam dunia blogger. Kita tak pernah tau pasal nuffnang ni. Tak pernah amik tau hal hal tentang blog buat duit. Betul. Sebab masa tu kita tau blogspot ni hanya tempat untuk kita tulis apa kita rasa, apa kita fikir macam online diary gittew. Pastu ada lak isu pasal hamba Allah ni tak suka kita ada blog. Tapi kita masih lagi teruskan untuk blog sebab lepas tu fikir blog boleh buat duit. Genap 5 tahun berblogging, rasa diri ni macam tak cukup masa. Masa study dulu, buat part time production dengan lecturer, so rasa macam “aduhh delete je lah blog ni” – padahal masa tu boleh je hide blog sekejap. sampai gaduh dengan hamba Allah ni buat kan kita fikir pendek and teruih delete blog sekali dengan entry. HAIH menyesal pun ada. Sbb dah gain followers kan.

Tapi ikutkan kita buka fikir follower, memang masa tu dah start jarang update blog. Sponsor pun naik jelak nak mintak kita berkali kali tolong promote product. Asik kene tolak. Lama lama dorang mesti meluat ye dok? – bekuranglah kita buat duit waktu tu.

Ceghita sekarang nih.

(Image Source)

Mula masa kita punya birthday. Tahun ni kita start buat youtube video. Memang dah lama niat dah nak buat video dekat youtube. Tapi masalahnya malu. Kenapa? kenapa nak buat video kat youtube, mesti korang ingat kita nak femes cepat kan. Takkk. SubhanAllah serious tak ada terlintas langsung nak jadi retis instant. Kita ni suka tengok youtube. Pastu tengok orang dok share, apa barang favourite dorang, apa ada dalam bag dorang. Kita pun mesti lah nak jugak  nak share juga apa kita suka. tak boleh tengok orang lebih. HAHA


lepas dah dekat dalam 2 ke 3 bulan aih tak ingat. start vlog apa sume. fikri, better ada blog sekali kan. sebab kadang kita tak suka nak share semua benda dekat video. penat nak asik cakapppppp je. walaupun kita memang suka cakap. so sebab tu lah start blog balik. aduhhh. gila karat dah otak nak buat blog balik. serious zero. memang tak tau hat apa ntah nak buat. 

tapi nak tak nak. tekad jugak. cari jalan nak buat blog nih. HAHA akhirnyaa!

Okay kenapa kita guna bahasa inggeris dalam majoriti entry post. tak ada niat pun aih nak menunjuk kita spekeng london ke apa ke. takk. Macam ni, 2-3 entry yang pertama, majoriti post kita tulih bahasa melayu. pastu ada kawan youtuber cakap, dia orang melbourne. dia tanya dengan baiknnya dekat msg boleh tak share review pape kat blog dalam bahasa inggeris, kalau ada sikit bahasa melayu pun tak pe sebab kadang dia guna google translate. tapi kalau semua. dia cakap hat nak mintak tlg gugel translate ni. payoh jugak. maksud len. 

Pastu kita sedar yang kita nak buat kawan dari semua tempat. jadi whai not lah kita tulih entry dalam bahasa inggeris. sebab kita rasa, kawankawan kita kat malaysia pun confirm paham jugak kan sebab kita semua tahu dua bahasa at least, kalau terer banyak, tau lah 2-3 lagi bahasa enn en en. sebab tu lah kita start tulih inggerih aihh.

Jadi itu lah serba sedikit latar belakang macam mana kita start blog, stop and start balik.

Terima kasih sudi membaca,
Jumpa lagi :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hey Hi Hello Guys!

Ahha akhirnya dapat jugak masa untuk focus and support sekalian blogger. Walaupun harapan untuk menang sepoi-sepoi je, tapi tak salah nak support sesama blogger kan? Masa aynal buat giveaway dulu pun. ramai support. ni tiba masa untuk aynal support balik. Maaf kalau ada giveaway lain yang aynal missed :( entry aynal semua pun schedule. kalau yang tak dan, minta maaf :( Jomm. Bismillah. 

klik banner untuk join

by Mama Darwiish

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Syarat-syarat :

1. Blogger yang beralamat di malaysia
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Pemilihan pemenang :

1. Kesemua pemenang akan dipilih menggunakan random
2. Penyertaan akan terbatal jika gagal ikut syarat terutama No.2
3. Pemenang akan dihubungi melalui email

Follow Blog  :

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Good luck kawan kawan blogger lain ya. Jum Memeriahkan lagi giveaway ni.
Till then. :)

SOCIAL STUDY | Who loves TV?

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

This new segment in my blog that I would like to do just to know what you guys think best and what is bad. I’m not doing any type of political social study since this is just for fun and part of how I would like to do a research.

I'm a research junkie. It actually helps my self to know more about something we less talked about.

Out of topics,
I just realize that I need to blogwalkin often, I have missed most of the entry which is soooo BAD! I should be apart of blogger society and I usually missed it. I did favorites some entry on giveaway but then I missed the due date. Which I always miscalculated when it ends.. Soo annoyinggg! Ingat habis 27 hrbulan rupanya 17 hrbulan. Typical Aynal.

Back to the topic,
I’ve been sinking and keep thinking that we are about to go out from our comfort zone. Here, I’m not talking about anyone but myself. Let me know if you guys have the same thought.

What I meant is. Whenever I see or do research on what is trend right now to produce any idea. I believe and always thought that we are ready to accept any controversial, hidden agenda, spoof type of show. Nak mudah kan. Pernah tengok tv show macam Big Brother, Kim kardashian’s drama lebih kurang macam tu. When any tv show try to make it, they have to have humour as in to cover up sebab kalau perasan any spoof or parody, mesti kene relate dengan humour. So, to make it less evil or less cruel.

I believe, in Television world, our minds are the most difficult mind to be 'influence'. Am I right? It might be questionable tapi that is the truth so far in my observation.

(Image Source)

Sepanjang 4 tahun berkecimpung dalam dunia produksi and content. Everytime came an idea in any tv show with new genre, try getting out from the comfort zone. It failed! Contoh, Kim Kardashian attempts type of reality show. Media Prima did one show, assume that it’s not talked about and now Astro are doing it with the Maembong’s siblings called “The House” Belum start lagi orang dah Critics. HAHA Let sees how it goes. Hope this gone great.

(image Source)

Fantasy movie? Rasa-rasa kita boleh buat? Something like Harry Potter? What you guys think? One thing that I often realize that whenever I saw this type of movie, I always critics the CGI tak menjadi lah, entah pape lah cerita ni. Sebab we choose to see real thing. Which is what most of the international movie done it and it works well.. Kita dah dekat-dekat dengan taraf international, which when I saw “Polis Evo” I said not bad. Seriously, not bad at all.

(Image Source)

So guys. Would like to take this opportunity to know what you want to want to see on your television screen. What could be accepted and what could not. Jom kita Vote!

If TV Station want to try on new TV Genre, Which is more suit with Malaysian Viewers?

Kim Kardashian type of reality show
Investigation on Crime type of drama
Fantasy type of drama
Running man type of game show
How i met your mother type of sitcom
Parody/spoof Telemovie
Please Specify:

So Guys, Thanks for voting and Thanks for reading!
Let me know what you guys think!

Till Then.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

REVIEW | Garnier Sakura White (Radiance ke?)

Hey Hi Hello Guys.

Hmm Garnier facial wash. This is my honest opinion. Here we go.
It’s bad.

Bad for me.

I have been wanting to do this review but decided to hold it for while. Let’s read my story. I have been introduced to this product a while ago, it's been commercialize and of course I’m tempted to give it a try. Just for you to know that this is before I started using SIMPLE as My New Skin careRoutine 

Long story short. I bought this facial wash and give it a try. Not working for me guys. Like seriously. How not work? It gives me a damn pimple. Aaah! Then I stopped using it. I started googled it and see others review on this product. That is my honest mistakes. I didn't look at the review first before i purchased it. Seems like most of the reviews are great and not too bad, only the fact of the substance and how much foam that this product made – well for me I don’t care.

Oh ya! Just to let you know that this is not ay sponsored entry or advertising.

After seeing the reviews. I thought why not I give it a second try. I still have some product in the tube during that time but yet feeling maybe I should bought new one.

So, again.

It really didn’t work well on my skin. I’m not sure why or how or WHY! HAHA
It gives me a damn pimple again. Am i crazy if I said that if I’m using it at night, before going to bed, I got it right away in the morning. SURPRISE! Here a cute pinkish pimple for you aynal. Have a nice day!

Grrr I’m so disappointed. Seriously.

Other than that, the product smells good. I definitely can’t remember what it smells like but might be obvious that it’s the smell of Sakura. The product forms enough foam for you to wash your face thoroughly, which I quite like. I have read online if I’m not mistaken, the stronger the product smell, and the more chemical that they used? Is that right? Hopefully not this product I hope. Or else then I know what makes my skin becoming worst.

I would not recommend this product but hey! No harm to give it a try. Maybe it works well on your skin. Just, if it gives you hard time and surprise pimple as well. Please do not give this product a second chance. I’ve been there. They will never change their formula though. It going to gives you the same result. Till now I’m feeling doubtful to try any of their products, but maybe just this one that is not working, so don’t hate it all. HAHA

Hope you guys enjoy this review and hey! It’s just my opinion.
Thanks for reading!

Till then.
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